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i'm currently 14 and in 9th grade. i am very serious about ballet and unless some drastic change occurs i plan on trying with all my might to have a ballet career. i'm also a straight A student, but ballet is my priority.


as i'm getting older i'm looking into residency programs. my mother works much more than full time to support the family, and her relocating is not an option so i'm pretty much limited to schools with dorms.


i went to sab over the summer and didnt get asked to stay for the year. if i do get asked to stay in the future, great. but since that probably won't happen...


i was thinking about the rock school for next year. i know quite a few people who are very happy with the school. any experiences with it, i would like to know!


i have finally got my mother agree to any residency program at all (she says she loves me too much... i say if she loved me she would see how important this is, lol) and one of the conditions is that she doesnt want me gone for the rest of well... my life. we have come to the compromise of 2 years home and 2 years away.


aaanyway, would it make any sense to go for 10th grade, come home for 11th (also the most important year for college apps) and to go again for 12th grade?

its probably more logical to just go for 11th and 12th but.....for some reason it just feels right to go away sooner rather than later, especially with a lot of political things going on at my home studio. if i came home for 11th grade i would be able to drive myself an hour or more to another school (something not at all possible for 10th grade). am i completely crazy? does going away for 10th, coming home for a year, and going again make any sense at all? :unsure:


sorry for the long post :thumbsup:

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You have a very good shool right in your area. It is one of the schools that my daughter is looking at for residency. Why is it you do not want to go to the San Francisco Ballet School?

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i've been rejected *counts on fingers*.....


4 times? :unsure:


i dont let it get to me though, i've gotten into lots of other schools. sfb just ain't the place for me i guess.

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A residency program makes sense for some and not for others. Only you and your family will be able to make such a decision for you.


As for your question regarding one year away, one year at home, one year away, I think you may find that once you go away, get adjusted and become comfortable with your new life it will be difficult to go back to your home school. Studying ballet is not like picking fruit from a bowl...oh, today I will have a banana, tomorrow an apple, and now a peach! Good solid ballet training requires consistency in schooling, a program of study, good teaching, and discipline. If you are fortunate to live in an area where you do have these opportunities then staying home may be an option for you. The consistency in schooling cannot be achieved if you jump around from school to school. The body needs time to learn new ways, not like the mind that is a bit quicker. Also it is always more difficult to undo what you know to apply new things. It makes more sense, from this standpoint to stay home for 10th grade and consider residency for 11th and 12th. The difficulty is, the older you are, the more difficult it is to get into a top level residency program. There just are not that many openings at the top.


Run a search on residency programs. Remain open minded, recognizing there is no perfect place, just like people. All programs strive to do their best for the student body. It is important to choose wisely. :unsure:

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thank you for your advice.


my problem is that good training is not available to me, i have to drive like 1 hour or more from my school which is impossible with my parents's jobs. later though, when i get a liscense i can drive myself.

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