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Dancewear in NYC

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I will be in NYC for several days in November, and I'd like to stock up on dancewear. I know of a few stores (bloch, capezio). Where are the best places to go? Any secret places? Where do the professionals shop?


Thanks for your help!

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I like designs and fabrics that are a little different (with a classical cut of course B) )


Class-in has the coolest selection of leotards. Plus you can have one custom made for the same price as the ones on the sales floor. It's on 72nd street between broadway and columbus. I don't have the exact address. It's right across from a shoe store called "Tip Top Shoes ' and it's on the 2nd floor (so you have to look up from street level)


The leotards are very unique and pretty and cost the same as the "generic" ones you will find at the other shops. The brand stores like Capezio can be fairly overpriced. Better off getting the same leos from Discount Dance or something.


Class-in is very close to STEPS. STEPS sells some nice leos too if you were going to drop by for a class.



Sansha is a nice shop. They carry Radetsky dancewear which is otherwise hard to find. If you wear skirts in class, the Radetsky skirts are really awesome (cool fabrics and nice fit) Also all the other brands, shoes, accesories, etc...

888, 8th Avenue

Corner 53rd Street

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