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Phillip Otto


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My DD is a former PNB student & would still be there if we didn't move.

My information isn't complete or 100% clear...

I'll give what I know & try to find out more.

He & wife Rachael Butler (& their very cute son) are in Conn., I'm not sure which Co./school but I'll find out!

I beleive Phillip is the Ballet Master, AD or School director (not sure).

I think Rachael teaches there.


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Is he still there? The company masthead lists John C. Carney as Artistic Director.

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Major Mel,

You are correct :wacko: I simply did a google search & that is the best info the web gave me. I believe that was where he & Rachael were.

I e-mailed the Director asking if he new Phillip & Rachael's whereabouts but have yet to hear back.

I pass any info along ASAP

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Thanks for checking this out, dad. We'll be interested to see where they are now.

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Just curious, but is he related to William (Bill) Otto? Bill Otto is mother ginger in the nutcracker, we do the balanchine one but in stamford ct. He was mother ginger in the NYCB Nutcracker Movie made in 1993. We all really like him, and i thought, Otto+CT=possibly related?

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Phillip Otto is listed as Permanent Guest Faculty with the Rock School. He is listed on their website as being Artistic Director, New Haven Ballet. He taught at the Rock School's SI this past summer. I don't know if he has taught there since. I will ask DD who attends year round.

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William and David Otto are ex-NYCB, Phillip Otto is ex-Pacific Northwest Ballet, William and David are brothers, but I don't know what Philip is to them, and as I am the son of Emily Otto, I have absolutely no idea what, if anything, I am to any of them. :(

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and as I am the son of Emily Otto


Hey, is "Mel" a play on "Emily"?

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Nope, I'm a "Jr.", and my grandfather was, I think, trying to curry favor with a rich relative in naming my father. My mother, in her turn, was named for her grandmother, Amalie Witzke.

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This is slightly off-topic, but is New Haven Ballet a professional company or a pre-pro? I'm asking because Phil Otto taught at our RDA festival this year and all the students loved his class. Our director told one dancer to talk to him about perhaps auditioning for his company next year, so I assumed it was a pro company...

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Quite as nearly as I can figure out, the New Haven Ballet seems configured as a civic ballet company.

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