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DD has decided where she is going this summer. Now she needs to audition for programs that do not require summer attendance in case she is not taken into the school's year round program. Anyone else ever been in this situation? What are some of the residency programs that do not require summer attendance as part of their acceptance policy? So far we've got NCSA and SAB. Can we audition with SAB before the summer to ensure housing? If anyone has any info or suggestions, it will be greatly appreciated.

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In re SAB, I'd suggest you call them directly and ask your questions bearing in mind that they often do invite students from their summer program to attend for the upcoming autumn. They also hold a large audition right around September 4th every year. But don't just take my comments - go to the source because it's always the wise thing to do. B)

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Thats great she has decided, mylillldancer. I tried to pm you but your mailbox was full. As far as other programs go, she could always audition for other SI's with year round residencies - it is possible if they really really want her, they would be willing to wait.

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I don't think Walnut Hill or Nutmeg require attendance to their SI's. These are two schools my dd is interested in, in the future. We have received a lot of information from them and it does not state that they require SI attendance. DD plans on auditioning for Nutmeg this year if they come to SF because of her interest in thier residency program. She may not attend this year since we do not feel she is ready to leave home yet but we do feel attending the SI prior to committing to a fulltime residency would be the best way to find out if she will like the school, program, teachers, location etc.

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we do feel attending the SI prior to committing to a fulltime residency would be the best way to find out if she will like the school, program, teachers, location etc.


Redstorm, ideally this is all true, but "it ain't necessarily so" :unsure: as I know you know. :thumbsup:


Very often SI's are quite different in feel than year round programs. I know there've been discussions about this in re NBS' SI vs its year round, and SABs, for sure, too. The more one thinks about it the more it depends on things like - are the same teachers there teaching (I'd say yes for most, but not all), are their year round students who'd be in one's dancer's classes there (I'd say usually, but not always, no - NBS students would be, and I believe Houston's older students are encouraged to stay...but don't quote me! :unsure: )...and the combination of academics plus a rigorous ballet schedule for semesters at a time will be quite different than anyone's SI...


There've been some really great posts on different threads fairly recently, and what I've come away with is how incredibly important it is to actually visit these programs during the course of their regular year and to watch several classes - not just the ones at one's dancer's supposed level...to try to talk to students (I know it's not easy) but to do as much physical leg work as possible and meeting with administration would be nice, too. Let's face it, it is a big investment both financially and emotionally....not to mention the ballet training aspect.


I think it was vrsfanatic who recently pointed out that there are no "perfect" programs just as there are no perfect people. :wacko: I guess what I'm trying to say has been said very nicely by vrsfanatic recently in current discussion on the Young Dancer's forum, where she wrote:

Visit the schools, observe classes, look at the students to see if you are of a comprable level to them for your age group. Visit the academic schools to see if you would be happy in that situation also. A visit really can tell a lot.
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P.S. I apologize if my post came of as if I were a "know-it-all" :unsure: because I certainly know I'm not. :thumbsup: In addition, I certainly didn't mean to curtail the flow of feedback to mylildancer, either!


I hope all the other folks out there in Ballet Talk cyber land will give their input and experiences here. :wacko:


When I post links to old threads it's only to offer some "extra" reading, as it were - not to give the impression that "it's all be discussed before" but rather to offer the opportunity to read what some others have talked about in the past. In reading some of these threads, you'll see the thoughts of posters who really aren't as prolific as they used to be.

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It is difficult to comment on going to a different SI than the year round program if your child is required to attend the SI of their full time program or must re-audition in the fall for re-acceptance. The SI is a good time to meet and get to know the peers one is going to spend day and night with during the year (the same small group is usually together sixteen hours a day seven days a week eleven months a year). It is also a time to get used to the teaching style and dancing style of the school without the added pressure of academic school. Two of the schools my DK has had experience with, have developed their own curriculum which is a combination of several different styles and must be adapted to. The weight placement and the position of both arms and legs were all things that my DK had to "re-learn" and the summer is a time when there are many dancers doing that very thing. During the year, especially at the higher levels there will only be perhaps one or two that are making adjustments and getting used to new conditions, teachers and environment. A month at an SI can sometimes change one's opinion about that particular residential facility or indeed if any residential program is what the dancer wants.

All that being said, I think the most important thing is to gather information from others but make choices based on what is best for your dancer. It really is such an individual experience for each dancer and what is absolutely the perfect place for one may be the exact opposite for another (that much I have learned from this board).

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Thank you everyone for your feedback. This is truly a tricky time for DKs when they get to this point in their training, isn't it. Together as a family, we have narrowed her list down to a few other schools besides the school she will be attending this summer. She will audition, see what they say, and then we'll keep our fingers crossed that everything will work out for the best. What else can we do. Besides, I don't want this year to be full of anxiety and angst. I want to spend as much quality, and joy filled time with my daughter before we send her off to her residency program....where ever it ends up being. I just need to remember to breath. :(

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I actually think it is the minority of the programs that require summer attendance for their residence programs. Depending on the age, there just aren't THAT many true residency programs - housing and academics included. I'd suggest just calling the ones you have heard about for brochures and audition dates. Try for the earlier audition dates. Some do reserve slots to make offers to people from the summer program they are interested in.

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VSA does not require attendance during the summer, and my daughter did not attend the summer program before starting as a freshman. However, especially if she is older, I would recommend attending the summer program so that she will enter in the fall as a "known quantity" - it would maybe increase her chances of being placed at a higher level and better roles in performances.

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Forgive me if there is already a topic concerning this! I'm afraid I cannot resist attending the best summer intensive I get in to, even if this makes my chances of being asked to stay much slimmer, so I'm looking for some back ups! :rolleyes: Can anybody could tell me some good year-round programs that do not require you to attend the summer intensive to be considered for the year-round program.

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Most of them. It's the ones who do that are in the vast minority.

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For UBA, it's not as common, but still not rare to see people invited for the year after their SI audition. If asked, you can attend without going to the SI, though it is preferred so they can better place you for the year.

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VSA does not require attendance at their summer program before admission to their year-round program.


They are beginning their audition tour soon. As I recall from previous years, they provide information regarding their year round program along with information about their Summer program. So, I would recommend that you attend the audition and ask away about the year round program (which, by the way, DD is absolutely thrilled with!) The auditioners are all very kind and helpful.


If you are unable to attend the audition in your area, call the school and come visit. I'm sure they would be most accomodating.

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Most of the students at Walnut Hill have not attended the summer program, and it is not required. You can make an appointment and come down to the school for an audition, or you can go to one of the classes on their audition tour (specifically if you want to attend the summer program as well.)

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