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Ballet School for Adults in Brussels?

Guest Anders

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First of all, I apologize to those who have tried to reach me during the past year or so - I have had a year of frustration over not being able to combine my schedule with dance class, despite being in NYC - where dance classes are abundant! I have also been off work and only sporadically checking my e-mail. Although I have tried to stay in shape, my lack of dance training made me reluctantly pass up on the Richmond intentensive last summer (and the summer before that, I couldn't make it because of visa problems at the US Embassy in Stockholm!).


Having barely returned to Stockholm, I was immediately relocated to Brussels. Since I have already lost a year, I cannot wait to start dancing again. If the problem in New York was "When?", my problem here is "Where?"!


Does anyone know of a ballet school for adults in Brussels?

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Anders, I believe that Marjolein is from Brussels. You might want to search her posts or pm her.


Brussels...mmmm fries....mmmm chocolate.

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Great to hear from you. Glad to know you're back amongst the dance obsessed :wacko:



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If you find a good school, especially one with open classes, could you post the answer back here? Some of the rest of us also travel or move a lot and use the archived threads to find classes. Thanks.

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Hi Anders, I take ballet class in Brussels so I can easily recommend a school. I go to Yantra Academie de Danse. They have open ballet classes that are very good. The teacher is very good, she's Cuban and studied at the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg. They also have daily professional classes, and masterclasses in summer. I can also recommend their etirements classes (floor barre). Their website is www.aca-yantra.be

The school is located in Elsene, and can be reached easily by tram or bus from Gare du Midi or anywhere in Brussels really.


Another school I haven't been to yet myself, but that was recommended to me is Choreart. They have a lot of open classes, but I can't tell you whether they are any good. I'm pretty sure it's a good school though. I know they have a lot of classes for adults. Their website is www.choreart.be


I hope this helps. Pm me if you want to know more.

(btw, all of the classes at these schools are in French)

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