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Please read before posting


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Before you post your exciting new thread here are some tips for you:


1. The main Adult Dancers Board is mainly for technique issues/questions, performance questions e.g. pas de deux, summer school advice/worries, class/grade advice, examinations, enhancing your technqiue, questions from beginners about class wear etc.


2. The Adult Ballet Dancers Buddy Board is where topics such as "Where can I find classes in such and such..", or you are looking for a summer school room mate, or you want to start a chatty thread about appalling ballet faux pas, or you want to share your happy moment of actually standing on one leg without falling on your nose! or you may want to share the bad times B) This is the board where it goes and where you can chat a bit more.


3. A reminder also to be careful about typing out your complete e-mail address, if you want to type it out as for example, xxxxatxxxxdotxxxdotxxx, this may prevent certain companies scanning through websites and extracting e-mails to send spam to.


4. If you are just starting out, remember you cannot Private Message (PM) until after your 30th post.


5. Also, if you do put your topic in the wrong forum, the moderators will move to it to where they think is most appropriate, so don't be shy about posting for fear of getting it wrong.


Ok, well happy posting, enjoy yourselves :rolleyes:


Jeanette :hyper

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