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nick names


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This may be childish, so tell me to go stand in the corner wink.gif

But do any of you give nick names to the other dancers in your classes?

We do..nice ones, not nasty ones, although the credit for the following name or two comes from someone else in class...I won;'t mention his name...

He knows who is is!


For example we have

Empire State Human (extremely tall gentleman in our class)

Peaches & Cream (very good dancer, but always wears cream wooly leggings and a peach colored moth eaten cardigan.


Thats just a taste, I have no idea what they may call me....


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Guest Lola_Doggy

Well, here are a few more from someone else in class, won’t mention his name.


Note: The more mature adult oriented names have been removed to avoid any potential distress.


Half Sock

Hotsie Totsie

Trashy Pants

Butt-Out (not seen in class for over a month)

Midrift Obsession

Hat Boy (aka wet tissue head)

Pained Expression

Goth Talk

Eyes Wide Shut (aka Bagpuss)



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Okay, we only have one person in my class with a nick name -- we love everyone else. This chick has no sense of personal space, hogs the floor in center and often doesn't bathe. We call her the "bra-less wonder." Thank god she doesn't come that often.

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years ago there was a woman in our classes who was at least 50 or 60, took class every day, wore all white with a white chiffon skirt, with jet-black hair that she wore over her ears in a low bun. we called her 'olga spessivtseva'.

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