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Joffrey B.F.A program?!


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I was starting to think about colleges and I remembered a while ago about The New School University/Joffrey program. I was wondering what had happened to the program. :wub: However, I looked on the Joffrey Ballet School website and it mentions a BFA program with Pace University. I went to the Pace University website and I can't find any information about the Joffrey BFA program on there. Does anyone know anything about this? :( Thanks in advance! :)

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I'd advise contacting the school and finding out particulars. The New School dropped the program, but Pace could easily have picked it up.

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The program started up this year. I know 2 people who are enrolled in the program and they really like it so far. Lots of dancing.

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Is there a website or something that tells more information about it? I went to the Pace University website and I couldn't find it. Is it somewhere else? Thanks :(

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Back in those benighted days B.C. (Before Computers), there was a quaint mode of communication called the "phone call". It's why those websites have that funny series of numbers that won't get you another website. Try it. In the even more benighted days B.P. (Before Phones), there was even a thing called "letter writing"....

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Please contact Maurice Curry at MBcurry@joffreyballetschool.com. He is the director of educational programs at Joffrey. He was the one that started this back up for Joffrey. I talked to him this morning and he said just send him an e-mail with your questions. Chris

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Bear in mind that this device of not posting program details fully in the open can sometimes be a filter. It requires interested applicants to do something pro-active rather than just be a passive reader. Other reasons for not posting can result from a curriculum still in the formative stages. And both things can be going on at the same time!

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