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want to start ballet

Guest xxluceexx

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Guest xxluceexx

hia. Im 14 years old. I used to do ballet a long time ago (around 8 years ago) and got to demi pointe and was very flexible. But i tore my achillies tendon therefore having to stop my classes. Ive lost most of my flexibility now.

I want to start back at ballet, because i have been inspired again from so many different sites and friends. Is it too late for me to start back and become a serious dancer, and also, if i start back, where would i be placed in terms of classes. Would i be put with the little people until i learned all the moves again, or is there a class for people like me who want to start at around my age.

lol sorry i probably sound like a right winer, sorry :(


thankyou xxx


lucee xxxx



I live in United Kingdom. England, just incase ballet is different over here

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Hello lucee, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :rolleyes:


Ballet is not different in England, but schools are differerent everywhere. You need to try and find a school that has a class for teen beginners. The training you had at 6 years old was not enough to consider yourself trained at all, and you really have to begin again. How far you can go with it starting at 14 cannot be determined by anyone who can't see you, nor really by anyone at all until you get back into it for a while and get enough training for someone to know if the potential is there or not. It has been done starting late, but one needs to be quite exceptional to make that happen. However, one can always dance, and enjoy it as a lovely part of their lives, but just not their whole life, which is really what is required of a professional dancer. :wub:

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