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Medium-Long Leotards


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I have a long, thin torso, and have found that medium sized leotards are two short for me. Mirella makes Medium-Long leotards in some of their styles that are wonderful. Has anyone found another maker that has this size?



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I have the same problem. Gilda Marx leos seem to be longer. I actually where a small in those. Also, the material can make a very big difference. I have found that cotton doesn't stretch as much as Tactel and Dorlastan Nylon. If you go to Dance Discount, you'll find that Gilda Marx has both a cami and halter top leo which are really stretchy. Mirella also has a Tactel cami that stretches well but is a little warm. I have two Gilda Marx and two of the Mirellas and I love them all. No more wedgies, at last :( .

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I know that Body Wrappers makes at least a couple leos in Tall. I have this one and I definitely appreciate the longer length.




The back is a *little* bit low if you need to wear a bra. I pin mine so it doesn't show. On the other hand, it does have a built-in wraparound bra. It's a very pretty leo too.


Most of the time I end up wearing XL's. But I don't really need the XL - it's just the length, and some makers' XL's are still SHORT on me. So I can sympathize. :rolleyes:



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Thank you for all the help. I have especially been looking for a long sleeved leotard in tall. :ermm:

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The website for All About Dance has some Tall sizes, too. I was just wondering- is the material for the Premiere Collection cool? I have some of the Mirella's that are the other material, not cotton Lycra, that seem hot in class. I want to try one of the Motionwear, but don't want something too hot.

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Oh Onyx!


You are going to get me into trouble! I just looked at allaboutdance.com and they have so many of the Premiere leos in Tall, and many of them look like they would accomodate a bra just fine. Oh heavens my credit card is already feeling the ache. :flowers:


If I can pull myself back to your question for a minute - I like the Premiere fabric a lot. It is matte, on the thinner side. It's not a cotton-containing blend (at least I don't think ...


Strike that. Here's what I found about the Premiere collection.


"88% cotton, 12% Lycra. Power mesh bra lining: 80% nylon, 20% Lycra."


Wow, I would not have thought it was cotton-heavy since it seems relatively light to me and does not stay wet like some of my cotton leos. However, it is not satiny at all, the way another of my Bodywrappers leos is - that one definitely has no cotton in it. I like the Premiere fabric better. I find it pretty cool temperature-wise.


I can vouch for the fact that they are a true Tall too. Hope this helps.

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I just looked the premiere collecton up in my new AAD catalog and there are three different material combinations used- meryl nylon- lycra, cotton lycra and tactel/lycra. I am interested in the meryl/lycra or cotton - the tactel makes me sweat(mirella).

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Oh wow. Well I can tell you that the particular Leo I have is the cotton blend one - I found that description of the fabric on the sales page of that particular leo (not BodyWrappers, an online shop). So my review still holds true for the cotton blend fabric, assuming their info is legit. :thumbsup:


The Tactel is a little creepy-feeling to me. It feels almost like being naked or something. I think it has too much of a resemblance to underwear fabric for me. I like the texture in my hand though, just not on my body. I have only worn it for work at home due to the naked feeling. yeah I'm crazy :thumbsup:


I'm still waiting for my holiday AAD catalog. Any day now would be fine ... :)

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Another option for nice leotards is Yumiko. Each one is custom made after you order it. They are a bit more expensive, but they are customized for no extra cost. If you want the front 1 inch higher, for example, they do it. If you want the body longer, they do it. If you like a style, but want longer sleeves, no problem. The fabric they use is wonderful. My daughter has several of their leotards and she really loves them. We first discovered them because a couple years ago Yumiko made special leotards for the San Francisco Ballet School, where my daughter studies. They are located in Europe, so I order several at a time to help defray shipping.


Oh, they also make dancewear for boys/men and she offers very avant garde designs as well as more simple, classic styles (which is what we buy). She offers nylon, velvet and cotton-like fabrics.



Here's their website:



Check it out! (For those of you who read the British Ballet magazine, they had an article about Yumiko's business recently and they profiled her and her business. She's the dancer/designer, originally from Japan, and her husband, originally from the U.S., runs the business. They manufacture them in Spain.)


I've been happy dealing with them.



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O.K. I have seen these "Tall" size leotards in catalogs and I find it odd that they only come in a Medium. I could have done that when I was in High School easily but didn't have to then. Traditional Danskin leotards always fit with no problem. Two way Stretch before Lycra was great. I don't know if you can get it any more. Mine are old...and XL or bigger these days. I have a 100% Nylon one in a large that fits fine. There is a store outside Dayton Ohio where I got my last one and a unitard a couple of years ago to fit me at 6 feet 2! The owner, Sandi, has Danskin plus size tights too. I just special ordered pink ones. They go by hip size but strectch lengthwise like crazy. Most of you girls are probably too small, but the 1X says hips 40 to 44 inches. If you are 6 feet tall and have hips 38, these will work pretty well. I have 43 inch hips and take the 2X which says 42 to 46 inches. They don't come all the way up to my chest either.


is the website. you can e-mail requests for items she doesn't list too. She is like a personal shopper for people at a distance.

This is long but I know you tall girls need resources.

Laschwen :(

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