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Guest dafni15

Hi i am!I am from Greece i live in Athenes. i have a problem, i am 15 years old, i do ballet for 11 years and in my school they have a very profesional style. but we haven't used pointes yet.i worry because i think that it will be late when we will(and we will soon enough).if you can tell me something about it i would be glad!





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Hello dafni, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Talk for Dancers! Lovely to have a student from Greece here! :wub:


I'm wondering why you have been dancing so long and still not on pointe. How many classes a week do you take in ballet technique? I don't know much about the ballet schools in Greece, however most schools all over the world start their students on pointe somewhere between 11 and 13 years old. Of course these students must have had several years of training, and studying several times a week. They should also show the potential for further training and the physical facility for pointe work. It depends a lot on when you start with serious training and how much training you receive. Tell us a bit more about your classes. :rolleyes:

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Guest dafni15

Thanks for all the information.

Well i have 7 hours every week technique classes and 6 hours contemorary.We work really hard.we learn the english and the russian system in ballet and the graham and two more systems in centemorary. also the last summer some girls of my school were choosed and we dansed with the italian ballet of the Scala of Milano to one of the greatests ancient stadiums in Europe(Erodio)when they came here in Athenes to perform the ballet 'Midsummer night's dream'. :wub: it was a really great experience,but unfortunately we were not dancing on pointes!!!!!!!tommorow start the new ballet lessons and i will ask my teachers about starting wearing pointes but i think i already know the answer.that we will start later.

this year sometime we are going to use pointes.... :rolleyes:


Well,there is something i want to ask.in this performance i became friend with one of the girls of the corps de ballet,she is 18 yers old.the last day, in the third performance, she gave me her 4 pairs of pointes!!!she told me that she won't use them again. i was and i still am really excited!to be honest i put on the one pair just to feel how it is.i know that is not good to wear somebody's else's pointes but i think that everyone would use them.i don't know if it would be a good idea but i wonder if you can tell me one or two 'safe' and simple exersises i could do alone at home to start using my pointes to be a bit ready and more trained when we will first use pointes..... :unsure:

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No, dafni, I don't thing it's a good idea at all to try to work in pointe shoes before you have been taught exactly how and what to do by your teacher. Also, wearing someone else's shoes is definitely not a good idea. Sorry :rolleyes:

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For a beginner without the watchful eye of a teacher there simply are no safe exercises. Any exercise on pointes will be dangerous.


And never dance in pointe shoes that are not for your feet- fitting pointe shoes is such a complicated business as it involves so many factors- foot shape, size, width, toe configuration, toe length, amount of training, level of advance, arch and instep height and many more- it is so hard that many dancers have never found their ideal shoes.


Maybe ask your teachers about pointework and how it is done at your school?

What about the most advanced students? Do they dance on pointes? If so, ask them when they went on pointe.

Is your school focusing on modern dance mainly or mainly classical ballet?

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Shulie, this thread is from the fall of 2004! We have not heard from this poster since then.

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Oops I am sorry Ms. Leigh- I did not notice that at all- One of her threads had been bumped up on another board and I found it particularly interesting so I checked all her posts, jumped in and wanted to help- wiithout looking on the date... oh well.. where did I have my eyes....:):D posted that late at night my time... no wonder!

Thank you for telling me!

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