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What has become of Gelsey? I just finished her autobiography " Dancing on My Grave". Now I want to learn more about her career and such. But there isn't much out there on her.

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In Pointe magazine (Last year some time) there was an ad for a SI in Long Beach (California), and she was listed as one of the guest teachers. And a girl that my daughter knows went there and said that she taught one or two classes, but I don't think that she teaches there during the school-year.

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She has taught often during the summer at the Long Beach Ballet Arts Center SI. She's usually there for a week, along with other well-known guest teachers.

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She is currently the head of the ballet department at Dance World 301 (DW301) in Melbourne Australia. DW301

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i suppose it is lazy of me not to check the danceworld301 website - but to be honest, when i saw this (kirkland's name) advertised earlier in the year, i ASSUMED that gelsey was allowing her name to be used, in return for payment and SOME occasional guest-type teaching. it never occurred to me that seeing her name in their ad as 'head of the ballet course' or something similar, meant that she ACTUALLY DOES THE JOB!


how cynical i have become!


nikki - can you actually confirm that she lives in melbourne and does this job?

or are you just ASSUMING THAT - because her name is used that way, in danceworld 301's ads?


thanks for info which would enlighten me!

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Just a little more info...

She was listed as a teacher for Orlando Ballet's 2004 Summer Intensive brochure. I'm not sure if she actually did teach, because I didn't go to their program.

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Missy, if all you've read is "Dancing on My Grave," then you should read "The Shape of Love," which was published in 1989 and describes Gelsey's comeback with the Royal Ballet in 1986 as she prepared for "Romeo and Juliet." It's a much happier, sweeter book than the first. No nasty gossip at all.

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Guest canbelto

Two videos of Gelsey, one in the Nutcracker, the other with the Baryshnikov Wolf Trap program, are either released or due to be released soon. If you have any doubts about Gelsey, GET THOSE VIDEOS!!! No matter what you might think of her book, she was an unbelievably graceful dancer.

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When I applied for DW301, alot of the information that I got sent talked about her teaching, and under one of her quotes it says that she is the head of the ballet.. but thats all I can tell you, oh and I'm pretty sure I read something in a magazine about her teaching/heading the ballet department..I'll see if I can find it.

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G...as in Go, El...as in ELevator, sey...as in see! GELSEE(Gelsey)


Kirk...as in dunKirk, land...as in LAND, KIRKLAND



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Yes! I was saying it right! I knew how to say Kirkland, but people were saying that Gelsey was pronounced Shell-see. I was like "How'd you get that?" lol, thanks!!!!

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I want to write a letter to her. I typed her name in and got three address's. Do I send a letter to all of them? Does anyone have her address?

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