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Another summer ballet camp for adults

Guest Danzure

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Guest Danzure

I just got a letter today from another ballet summer intensive called Technique in Taos. It is directed by Jillana a former principal with the New York City Ballt. Has anyone heard of the program? It's about $1000 for one week including hosuing or $2000 for two weeks. If anyone has participated please let me know.



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I'm already signed up for Richmond, but I was wondering if the other adult summer camp in Virginia - the one at Bridgewater - is going to happen this summer.

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I've only heard bad things about Bridgewater. Can't say anything from personal experience.


I've read some stuff on the Jilianna course. It's run by Maria Tallchief, former ballerina for NYC Ballet. It's Balanchine technique which can be very intimmidating if you've never done it. It's also for adults who are fairly experienced but not really professional, if I understand it correctly. Sounds fun but I wouldn't recommend it for the casual ballet class attendee.

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Jillana 's school Tecnique in Taos" is run by Jillana for teachers and adults July 28-August 11. You can take it for 1 or 2 weeks. She has a web site jillana@jillanaschool.com for more info. Be aware that this program is run in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico, at a very high altitude--if you want to go, mske sure that your body can handle it! Nothing worse than altitude sickness and not being able to function when you plunk down that amount of money.

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Guest linsusanr

I contaced Jillana and was told that the program is for more advanced dancers and teachers! It sounds pretty intense -- and it's more money, but for folks at a higher level it would probably be worth it smile.gif

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Guest Rebornbyballet

Yes, I've heard of Jillana's summer courses. I've not yet had the chance to attend, but several people I know have gone, and loved it totally. Jillana holds two sesions each summer. One for the younger dancers, then one for adults. The best thing that my friends have told me about her courses is the absolutely beautiful suuroundings of Taos New Mexico!!!


If you go to her web site (www.jillanaschool.com) you can fill out an on line application for her summer intensive program, and check out a nice series of pictures and read, and add to her guest book.

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Hello Rochelle, welcome to Ballet Alert! Online, and the Adult Ballet Students forum!


If you are asking about the Jillana School program, I believe the website address is in the post just above yours (www.jillanaschool.com)

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