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old shoe

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I will be in Austin the weekend of October 29-31. Does anybody know of a place that welcomes adult students as drop-ins? I can keep up in almost any ballet or modern class although it isn't always pretty and I don't do pointe any more!


Tried to seach, but didn't find anything, so thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hey Shoe:


I haven't been there in about 1 1/2 years, but I took one class at the Ballet Austin and really liked it. They had two studios, I think it was the Baker studio. It wasn't their main building. It was in part of an old school if I recall correctly. I couldn't tell you the teachers name if my life depended on it, but it was a good class.


There was another studio I tried, a tiny little place in a warehouse near downtown. It was really small and rather dark. I wouldn't recommend it. It seemed more like a tap or hip-hop kind of place that offered some ballet as well.


Unless someone else comes up with a great suggestion, I'd stick with Ballet Austin.



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You got my curiousity going...


Movin Easy


This is the local dance store I found the classes I took through. It's a great store, by the way, worth a visit.

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Ballet Austin is a great place to take an open class. The other choice would be Tapestry it is located on 5th street downtown. It is a funkier less strict alternative.

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2 Left Feet, I think the "dark" studio you referred to is Tapestry.


I have to disagree. In my opinion, Tapestry is the better option for dancers seeking open ballet classes. I take classes there four times a week. Of course, it depends on what you're looking for, but as a former professional ballet dancer who is very familiar with both studios, I prefer Tapestry for my classes. The intermediate and advanced teachers are better (imo), and the atmosphere is more open and inviting. Also, Tapestry has a professional multi-genre company in residence at the studios, and offers tons of other classes, so the place is always bustling with dancers of all kinds.


Yes, the studios are a little "rustic". However, they are located smack dab in the heart of Austin, as opposed the BA's Baker studio. If you can handle a little grunge, you're in for a better overall experience at Tapestry, old shoe. Plus, BA doesn't offer a Saturday class, and Tapestry does :wub: www.tapestry.org


Just my 2 cents. :offtopic: Have fun in Austin!

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Perfect timing! I am going to Austin this weekend and wasn't going to pack any ballet stuff because Austin Ballet has no Saturday classes. Guess I'll put some basics in the suitcase after all.


Thank you!

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I ended up taking class on Saturday at Tapestry. Ballet Austin doesn't offer anything on the weekend and Tapestry was very convenient for the people we stayed with. The class at Tapestry was great! Deidre is a very good teacher and there were only six of us adults. Yes the studio is a bit dark, but I would certainly go there again.


Thanks again for your help!

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