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PNB and Peter Boal


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I heard a rumor today that Peter Boal is taking over for Kent Stowell and Francia Russell, in July 2005. Can anyone confirm or deny? My source is connected to the NYCB end of things, and I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of this information, it's just that I've not heard this from anywhere else. :)

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Yes, I can confirm that per Peter Boal (DD took class recently w/him) is at this time very likely to be made an offer.

Also, if you go to www.pnb.org & check under Press Releases there is information indicating that the final decision is not firm but PNB & Peter are leaning towards coming to an agreement.

Should be a very good match.

DD loved his class & he paid specific attention to her since she was a PNB student for 5 years. :)

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE        MEDIA CONTACT:  October 3, 2004        Judy Kitzman  (206) 441-2426, judy@pnb.org             

PACIFIC NORTHWEST BALLET CONFIRMS LEAD CANDIDATE  IN SEARCH FOR NEW ARTISTIC DIRECTOR    SEATTLE, WA —Pacific Northwest Ballet trustee and Chair of the Search Committee, Carl Behnke,  confirmed today that Peter Boal has been selected as the lead candidate in the search for PNB’s new  Artistic Director.  Kent Stowell and Francia Russell, artistic directors of PNB and the PNB School since  1977, will retire at the end of the 2004-2005 season. Their replacement is expected to be announced by  January 1, 2005.

is from their press release which you can read in full if you download it - it's a pdf file available on this webpage PNB Press Room.


If this all comes to pass, it should be a wonderful opportunity for all. :)

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As a mom of a tall dance student, I am always keeping an eye on companies that have a good amount of tall dancers. I believe that PNB has been know for that. I am wondering now, though, if that will continue after Boal takes over. Although the aesthetic of NYCballet is tall as well, Boal himself, I have been told is very short. Any thoughts about how this change will affect the type of dancer at PNB?

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Oh gosh, Tendumom, I sure hope that Peter Boal's height won't make a difference. :D To be sure, he is not tall - but he's not really what I'd call short like several of the NYCB dancers we all know.


Did you read the piece about him by Toby Tobias Mr. Integrity? It's a good one.


My guess is that "tall" will still remain strong there - though that's just my opinion... Why fix it if it ain't broke? However, on a more serious note, I do feel that I read something within the last few months about his taking over as AD - perhaps it was in a press release, but I feel like it was an article... I bet you could find it on Ballet Talk, if you haven't already read it.


Does anyone else have any information?

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Guest DerfDude04

There are many tall dancers in NYCB as well as PNB. Mr. Boal has partnered many of the tall dancers as well.


As most of the dancers at PNB are very tall, I don't think that Mr. Boal would be able to change the whole entire company...despite whether he wants to change it.


Of course, Mr. Boal did apply/accept the job, so I'm sure he knows that there will be many tall dancers. :bash:

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