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Variety in Exercises

Guest thepinkfairy

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Guest thepinkfairy

I want to start doing exercises to strengthen my muscles and some stretches too every morning. I know some exercises from classes I have done, but I am wondering where do I start. I mean would start with an exercise for my feet, then my thighs, turnout, or what. What muscles should I be strengthening? Is there exercises for my toes, hips, calves? :)

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There are exercises for everything, pinkfairy! :wink: However, one should learn them from someone who can SHOW you how to do each one, like your teacher! Nothing works if it is not done correctly, and stretches are pretty hard to describe accurately in this format. Since you want both strengthening and stretching, you might want to add some Pilates training to your ballet program. That way you will learn how to do a lot of great exercises for everything, and the proper order in which to do them! :)

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