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Hi guys,


My teacher says that they are obviously for strengthening the metatarsals - but is it a preparatory move to something else?


I haven't yet been taught anything that flexes the foot at the ankle.


Usually my teachers links what's at the barre to the centre, but this is one of those where the connection has not yet been made clear to me.


Just curious - I like to know what I'm working for because I believe every move has its purpose. :)




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I've been told the frappe is a good move to help the dancer feel what the end of a degage should be like and it also helps the articulation of the foot for jumps.

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They strengthen the foot and help build up speed for beats. It is meant to be used in as part of the jeté, which is used all the time in allegro.

I think Swan Lake (if my memory is any good!) uses them as battement frappés?....they can be used to travel across the floor, forwards and backwards with a jeté (can't think of the exact name of the whole step), you use them sur le cou de pied, and en pointe sur le cou de pied. Also petit battements sur le cou de pied; Battements frappés fouetté. They are used as part of character dance (the character dance I have done) although I have seen variations depending on which country you are dancing.



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they can be used to travel across the floor, forwards and backwards with a jeté (can't think of the exact name of the whole step)....

jeanette, do you by any chance mean the jetes battements?? that you do a frappe battu in combination with a kind of jete ordinaire??


i love that step :), had some troubles in the beginning, but once i got it, i loved it :wink:!!



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Hi Skip, yes! that was it..I love them too!, they were so fun to do. It was great when I got the epaulment and the step working together!

I did that as part of my NATD syllabus though, and the RAD syllabus I did never covered those. Which syllabus did you learn them under?

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yes, jeanette, it's great with the epaulement and the use of head combined!!!


i only studied RAD and they were part of the exam syllabus of advanced foundation (forward only) and advanced 1 (forward and backwards). if they're part of the advanced 2 syllabus, i don't know, because i didn't start that one yet (well, i started, but didn't do it for a year now)....


but it is in the RAD syllabus!!



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They are started (jetés battement) in RAD adv foundation and then examined also in advanced 1.

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This is to Dance_Scholar_London:


I go to Danceworks and I pretty much go to every ballet beginner class there is!!




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Thats cool, I am going to danceworks too - sometimes at least. Usually for the elementary class :-)

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