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I have taken about 4 or 5 partneringclasses already and I absolutely love it! But right now we are experiencing different partners, and twice I have had one who is also still learning. I belive that the girl in the situation has it a bit easier than the boy because it is similar to her usual pointe work. But for example I fell down the other day because of a mistake on his part.

I guess my question is: Does anyone (The board runners) have advice on what to do with an unexperienced partner? :wink: Thanks for any input!



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Talk to him while you're working. "Pull me backwards." "A little more to the right, please." And now are you sure you're holding firm in your positions and not breaking? Are you not wiggling? Are you sure?

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I am pretty sure because when I am with other partners, I do absolutely fine! So it could somewhat be my fault, but I don't really think so. But I will try just telling him.....thank you! :wink:



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