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Guest I <3 ballet

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Guest I <3 ballet

ok...sorry if this is a stupid question but...


how do you "walk" in ballet.... on stage or in a combination...and make it look like you know what you're doing, or like youve been "taught" to do it???? lol ...again, sorry if this is a stupid question :wink: ive always wondered how some people just look like they know what they are doing...and some people look a bit akward (not to be mean at all :( )

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Well, you should be taught how to do it, and from very early in your training, like the first year. It's not something one can "teach" in writing. You must be shown in classes, and it should be an important part of classes. Walking and running, especially in pointe shoes, needs to be learned and practiced just as much as anything else you do in class. If this is not happening in your school, perhaps you need to consider your choice of schools. One also learns by watching professional dancers, both in performance and on video. It is not at all an easy thing to do well.

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