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Guest newdancer

Hi Everyone,


I am going to take my first ballet lesson tomorrow. I'm very excited. I decided to go with a dance studio, and I am going to take a few private lessons, then join the class after a few weeks. I think I know the anwer to this question, but I did not know if it was different with dance as opposed to tennis lessons. After my lesson when I pay the instuctor her hourly fee for a lesson, should I tip her? Just wondering. Thanks everyone! rolleyes.gif

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I have never heard of anyone doing that. Private lessons cost an arm and a leg as they are. I have never done it, but that was in the UK where tipping isn't a requirement as it is here. So you tip your tennis coach? blimey, now you've got me worried....


Jeanette eek.gif

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newdancer, I don't believe it is customary to tip the teacher for a private lesson. Just pay the cost of the lesson.

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Guest newdancer

Xena & Victoria,


Thank you for your quick replies. To clarify things, when ever I have taken tennis lessons, I never tipped the coach. I just thought it might be a little different in the dance world. But glad to hear it just the cost of the lesson. Private lessons in anything are never really cheap!!! wink.gif

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