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I'm in the "professional" division of my ballet school--unfortunately I am in a lower level than most of my peers (I was held back twice). I love my teachers--and they seem to like me: I demonstrate often and when I asked my teacher what I should concentrate on she told me not to worry I was doing well and had lots of potential and was one of her best students and always worked hard. I know I need to work on my strength and my feet particularly--and everything else too.


My frustration is I really think I need to take more classes to improve. When I was told I'd be repeating my level the principal of my school said I could take one extra class a week and she'd reevaluate me after the summer. I have called her many times (about this)--leaving either voicemail messages or messages with her secretary-- and she has never returned my calls (this has happened to a friend of mine as well). I am afraid of her. I have spoken to the ballet school counselor who agreed the principal is difficult (so it is not my imagination).


I really want to be promoted (the higher level gets more classtime and performing opportunities) but I don't seem to be able to get any feedback about what I need to do--or whether I should bother trying. I was accepted to many summer programs that students who were promoted were not, I was put in a higher level at my SI then my classmates. I am pursuing other ballet programs for next year, but in the meantime what should I do about getting more classtime? I could register for three classes in the recreational division (I really like that teacher too), take adult classes or find another school to supplement.


Sorry this is so long.

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Certainly, the best way to improve at ballet is -- take more ballet! In the absence of guidance from your leading teacher, take class from the recreational division. There you can work for mastery of the things that are taught in the vocational track.

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Guest prettyinpink

Thank you. I got some courage and called the principal one last time--and amazingly got her on the phone! She is letting me take one class with the more advanced level--now I am having class 6 times a week!

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