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Yep. The only difference between any of them is the resistance and that is determined by color. Green is not as heavy, blue is heavy and grey/black is the strongest. DD uses the blue band. We buy in bulk through the internet. I get a huge roll for about $45.00 and I get about 25 6' lengths. We just cut off a length when she needs a new one, or she loses the one she had. :wallbash:

Sometimes I will sell them to new kids who don't know where to get them. It helps defer my cost and helps them out too! :yes:

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Redstorm, would you mind telling me where you order them in bulk like that? I think our school should order and sell them. Good ones, like the blue or the black/grey, are hard to find.

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I checked the website I usually buy from and they have almost doubled thier prices. I did find another site that has the exact same item, same length for quite a bit less.




I usually sold mine in 6' lengths at $10.00 each.

That will more than cover the cost of shipping.


Hope that helps!

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Redstorm, that is 50 yards for $45. The website shows 50 yards of the blue, for instance, at $85 dollars! However, that would still make 25 lengths of 6', for $10 each, so that would be $250, minus the $85 and shipping, which should still be a profit. The problem is putting out the $85 plus shipping to start with! But, with that rate of profit, maybe I will do it myself instead of having the school do it! :offtopic:

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As a side note, I ended up purchasing the Thera-band via Amazon.com. Oh, rats. I just remembered I could have clicked on the Amazon.com link at the top of this page. Darn! Anyway, Amazon goes through the same company that Redstorm posted a link to, but it is quicker for me to go through Amazon since they have all my personal info already - and it was the same price. :yes:

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Those are great prices! It's too bad (for me) that site doesn't also carry them in smaller sizes. I ended up with 6 yds of black for $14.95 plus shipping from Amazon. But it is so much cheaper to buy in bulk!!

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Thanks, werlkj, that is good to know! :huh:


Oops, just checked that site, and 50 yards of blue is now $67.99. :thumbsup:

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Most kids I know start with the blue band. My daughter has been using her band religiously for about 2 years now and still uses the blue band. Maybe it is time for her to move up to a more difficult band, but she is only 13 and I don't want her overworking herself. Is it time for a change? :wacko:

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