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NYC Meetup

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Does anyone want to have a ABSBB get together in NYC like the limeys are doing?

Perhaps the week after Christmas, since a couple of us are in Nutcrackers. If a lot of people go home for the holidays, perhaps a weeknight in early December?



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I'll be back home in NYC from mid-December to mid January... I'd love to meet up with y'all (oh no, all these southerners are wearing off on on me).

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Jolly good, I say! Why should the Brits have all the fun?

I'm abroad between Christmas and New Year's but early January

would be perfect.


NYC sounds good, though another possible location is Washington, DC.

I'll add that the Kirov Ballet will be performing their new Cinderella at the

Kennedy Center January 11th - 16th...



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It does not have to center around a dance event. Going to the ballet and then out for drinks after would be a long, but fun, evening.

Adult dance campers all know that the Richmond Ballet will be performing at the Joyce theatre in March.

It would be great to have a get together in NYC when the city is lit up for the holidays.

If six people

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... (oops) can decide on a date, that should conform it. If we do it near Penn Station/34th st. people can take the train from as far away as Boston and Washington, and still be home the next morning, if necessary.


All suggestions welcome.

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Jolly good, I say! Why should the Brits have all the fun?

So far no fun as the Brits cant decide when they want to meet. :wub: Its probably easier for me to meet the NYC community than the British. :wacko::shrug:

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So far no fun as the Brits cant decide when they want to meet. Its probably easier for me to meet the NYC community than the British.


Well, those of you in Britain are at least going about the decision process much more

civilly than we Americans are. I, for one, am already demanding a recount... :wacko:


PS: Midtown Manhattan is fine for a get-together -- for me the dates probably aren't

going to work out this go 'round... :wub: (Unless it is later on in January)

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I was planning on coming out to new york around my birthday(Jan)... but maybe if the dates you choice work, i might be able to attend... long flight but would love to see you guys.. and i have never been to NY before:)



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We shoud consider getting together to see a Richmnond Ballet performance in March, too- DPR, is March any better for you?

Yes, March looks good for me. I like MJ's idea of having a threshold for

get-togethers, and then having folks sign up in advance and commit.

We could schedule one every few months, and that way if you can't

make one, another gathering is not far away. Planning them in advance is

cool, because we could (if we chose to do so) get really good seats,

perhaps even as a group, plus some of our more geographically diverse

participants could arrange to fly in, given enough lead time.

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I second this idea as well. If a gathering is planned in advance, I'm 100x more likely to commit and actually keep my commitment!

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Yes, having get togethers every few months sounds really great . I guess we should start by posting the best dates of the best months for each of us and take it from there. The best days or nights for me are Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. ( for this December, the MOnday after Christmas would be best..) Does anyone know the exact dates of the Richmond performances? Probably Saturday night would be the best for me there,or I could do Sunday afternoon or evening.

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