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Employment: Dancer in the US


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I found this statistic on the web about employment opportunities for dancers and dance-related professions. It has been established by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and seems to be a reliable source. I hope this is of interest :-) Bureau of Labour Statistics

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You are very welcome. I came across this article by accident. Actually, I was looking for this kind of report for the UK as one of my students want to write his dissertation about it. :wacko:

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In the aforementioned report there is a foot note about a listing from the National Association of Dance Schools that lists 57 accredited college programs.

They say the list is viewable for all but I've tried to find this list on their web site without paying to become a member & I've struck out. :wink:

Does anyone out there have any idea how I could view this list with paying $ 75?


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DAD, leave the first box for name (of school) blank, leave the second box (for city) blank and then leave "all" in the final box and hit enter and voile, the list!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had to try a few (OK 10-12) times to figure it out.


And here is what you get--actually now 61 schools!The List




edited to add: the link won't give the list, but brings up the page, just hit enter at the bottom and fill in nothing and it will be there

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nlkflint, thanks so much!

Boy am I humbled by technology again! :wink:

I am surprised that SUNY-Purchase is not on the list.

We visited there yesterday & were very impressed.

Does anyone (specifically teachers & other Dance professionals) have any input on how much

this accreditation really "counts" when seeking employment?


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Academic accreditation doesn't swing a lot of weight, but the unofficial accreditation that runs within the ballet world sure does. If I saw an auditionee with "SUNY Purchase-principal teachers Roseanna Seravalli and Ted Kivitt" on the resumé, I would definitely take notice.

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Major Mel,

Thanks for your prompt responce.

I pretty much thought that was the case but hearing from you has validated my own opinion.

We were privledged to sit in & observe Nutcracker rehearsal yesterday with

Ms. Seravalli directing.

It was a great experience & DD (a HS junior) is very excited about this program.

Thanks again! :wacko:

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