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Teacher trouble

Guest Mollieochie

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Guest Mollieochie

I need some advice about how to approach my teacher the next class. During class we were doing pique turns across the floor, my teacher corrected my spot, saying I was spotting myself in the mirror. My friend was watching and reminded me to spot the corner. We repeated the excersize and I, and my friend both agreed that I spotted the corner this time. Then my teacher said that I was spotting the mirror again. My teacher was a bit annoyed by this point, but I could not understand how this could be possible, because I had not seen myself in the mirror. :shrug: When I was getting ready for my jazz class afterward I saw my friend. She and I were talking while putting on our shoes and jazz pants. I said "Just to let you know, I wasn't looking in the mirror during pique turns." I said this half joking, half serious. It was not meant to be mean. I was just frustrated with myself and the teacher. I did not feel sooo stronglh. It turns out, my teacher was right behind me! :shrug: (my friend bursts out laughing to make the matter worse) She walked past and gave me a sort of angryish glare. I have class with her again on monday, and don't know what to do. I feel that my teacher now thinks that I don't take her seriously :thumbsup: I dont know if I should say something to her. :blushing::huh::mondieu:




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Mollie, your teacher is a big girl now. If she can't take that in stride, it's her problem, not yours.

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