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Guest thepinkfairy

Whenever I do Sautes in first position, my feet always look really floppy, and my inner thighs always shake. How can I get more strength so they look really strong. My allegro section never looks strong. How can I improve? Also whenever I do frappes to second I don't know how to stop my inner thighs wobbling. My teacher said you have to strike your foot down and out but I dont know how to do that.

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Okay, pinkfairy, it's very early, but I will try to make sense for you. :wink: Let's start with frappé. Start with the foot relaxed and the heel resting lightly on the ankle. The action of a frappé which strikes the floor (I'm assuming this is the one you are talking about, not the Vaganova one?) is strictly a knee/ankle movement. It has a complete stop as soon as it hits the floor and the toes point. The accent is out, but the thrust of energy is downward. Hit/Pointe/Stop. Don't take it out and up at all.


Jumps are very hard to try and correct online, as we can't see why they are not working for you. But my guess is that you don't understand that every jump is a reaction, not an action, and as your body reacts to the downward push of the demi plié, and rebounds into the air, the legs and feet must push straight down. Again, it is knees and feet. You are going up but pushing down, so that the knees straighten and the feet look like arrows pointing at the floor. Stand between two parallel barres, or, in the corner of a room where two barres meet, and support yourself on your hands. Plié and push away from the floor and make your knees and feet really work. If you are using corner barres, stand with your back to the barres, not facing them.


Another good way to feel the action is in the water. Go to a swimming pool and practice! :wacko:

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