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how to get noticed!!!


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This is my first year with a professional ballet company and I really want to do well. I am working really hard but i don't feel like I am getting noticed for parts. I know sometimes i get nervous and feel intimidated but I really want to get over that. Any advice on how to catch the director or choreographers eye? :thumbsup:

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Kiki, I think what is best, especially in the first year, is to just concentrate on doing the work and learning as much as possible. Don't worry about roles or casting. Learn everything you can, be ready if you are an understudy, and in the meantime just focus on the work itself. Dance for you, not for the director or ballet master. Keep your focus on YOUR work. Dance in class. Enjoy class. Dance rehearsals full out with energy and enthusiasm, but not like you are trying to impress anyone. Do it because this is where you belong and what you want to be doing. If your joy in your work, your energy, focus, and commitment come through, you will get roles. :thumbsup:

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congrats kiki on your first year in a company... i can only imagine how excitied you are!!!!! Also thank you Ms.Leigh for the wonderful reply, I also believe that hardwork is the key to everything.... i am still only a young ballet student, but it makes me upset even when I see my classmates slacking. So i hope you continue to work hard and you will be blessed with roles soon enough!!!!

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