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Does anybody attend FSU and majors in dance? I would like to get some more info about this program.

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Not a dancer, but it is a highly regarded program. More in modern than in ballet however, Freshman dancers from our studio who came home mid-October had done no petit allegro and not alot of work in pointe shoes.



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I do believe vj is right, it is much more modern oriented. The University of South Florida, in Tampa, however, has a very fine ballet program. It is headed by Gretchen Ward Warren, who wrote those wonderful books "Classical Ballet Technique" and "The Art of Teaching Ballet".

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Thanks for your replies. I was (and still am) interested as the CORD conference will take place there in March 2005. I have the impression that a lot of college programs do not offer pointe work. Is that a new trend or is it simply an emphasis on modern dance in these programs?

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Suzanne Farrell teaches at FSU and I know that she gives all of her classes on pointe. My daughter also reports that petite allegro is a favorite of Ms. Farrell's and always receives lots of attention in class. So, perhaps she does not teach the freshman students :wacko:

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And perhaps she is just a guest teacher there? I'm asking that because she has been very busy with her own company the last few years, and I have not heard any news of her being a full time faculty member at a University. It's possible, of course, but I have not heard about it.


Dance Scholar, as far as I know it is not at all a new emphasis, it is simply that some programs are far more modern dance oriented. They offer some ballet, but that is not the priority or the emphasis.

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Thank you, Farrell Fan :wacko: I had heard she was doing some teaching in a University, but thought that perhaps it was something like that.

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I think she comes and teaches for a few weeks or so at a time, during the periods when her company is not rehearsing/performing. But, it is my understanding that she is there for several blocks of time during the school year. I have no idea how that translates to which ages/levels she teaches or how often. :wacko:

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Guest Vicarmac

When she is there she does teach, but I do not think she has been there yet this year. I don't think they do much pointe other wise. They can do classes on pointe even when it is not a pointe class but most don't do it.

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My daughter made the rounds of dance colleges last year and found FSU lacking in ballet in spite of Suzanne Farrell as artist in residence. The caliber of the ballet students was not great; the program, as others have said, is predominantly modern-based. However, FSU has the BEST dance facilities seen at any campus we visited. The campus itself is beautiful, the people are beyond nice and the newly renovated dance building is phenomenal.

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That's interesting to hear as I can think of one amazing dancer who came out of FSU's dance program-that's Peggy Pettiway.There are others too. I know it's a strong modern program but I understood the ballet wasn't too shabby. I asked and was told that Ms.Farrell teaches usually 12 or so times during the year-as she is busy. I'm hoping to get more of the scoop from my alumni friend-will keep you posted!

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Spoke with my dance alumni friend from FSU.She says the ballet expectations were high and mentioned Richard Sias as a great instructor for one.Will share more as we learn.

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Mr. Sias was a teacher at Cedar Islands and told the girls he was moving to Canada(not sure where)-going back to a place he had experience with earlier in his career. I am not sure if he still is connected with FSU.

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Alumni have joined:


Alabama State Ballet

American Contemporary Ballet

Atlanta Ballet Company

Birmingham Ballet Company

Bodiography Contemporary Ballet in Pittsburg

Avodah Dance Ensemble Bay Ballet Theatre

Eliot Feld Ballet

The Tallahassee Ballet

The Tampa Ballet

The Washington Ballet

Florida Ballet At Jacksonville

Tampa Ballet Arts

Southern Ballet Theatre

Spring Hill Ballet Ensemble

Nashville City Ballet

Dance Theatre Of Harlem

Jacksonville Ballet Theatre

Gainesville Ballet Theatre

Montgomery Civic Ballet

Laredo Civic Ballet

Miami Repertoire Ballet

Milwaukee Ballet


3rd Rail Dance

Alabama Dance Theatre

The Anthony Morgan Dance Company

Atlanta Contemporary Dance Company

Atlantic Dance Company

Bill T. Jones /Arnie Zane Dance Co.

Body Language

Brooklyn Dance Theatre

Center Dance Collective

Charles Moulton Dance Company

Chris Burnside And Dancers

Colquitt County Dance Company

Contemporary Arts Center

Contemporary Dancers Of Alexandria

Contemporary Dancers Of Canada

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Dance Ensemble Of Brooklyn

Dance Fusion

Dance Miami

Dance Theatre Workshop

Dance: June Lewis And Company


D.C. Danceworks

Eric Hawkins Dance Company

Evansville Dance Theatre

Farrell Dyde Dance Theatre

Footpath Dance Company

Frank Holder Dance Company

Fredrick Bratcher Dance Company

Grove Danstheatre

Hannah Kahn


Jaikym Stephens Contemporary Dance

Jennifer Muller And The Works

Joan Kerr Dance Company

Jose Limon Dance Company

Joyce Trisler Dance Company

Dances by Judy Garay

June Watanabe Dance Theatre

La Scala Opera Company

Lar Lubovitch Dance Company

Lee Harper & Dancers

Liz Lerman And The Dance Exchange

Lucinda Childs Dance Company

Martha Graham Dance Company

Martha Graham Ensemble

Momentum Dance Company

Murray Spalding Dance Company

Nia Love & Company

Pearl Lang Dance Company

Rachel Lampert And Dancers

Peggy Lyman Dance Company

Peter Sparling Dance Company

Phyllis Lamhut Dance Company

Rebecca Kelly Dance Company

Ririe / Woodbury

Ruby Shang

Ruth Mitchell Dance Theatre

Shapiro And Smith

Shirley Rushing Dance Inc.


Susan Seizer

Susan Taylor And Company

The Bella Lewitzky Dance Company

The Dance Company, Inc.

The Rockettes

Joyce Trisler Dance Company

Total Dance Theatre

Urban Bush Women

Wendy Osserman Dance Company

World Dancers

Zero Moving Dance Company

June Watanabe Dance Theatre

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