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I'm 19 years old and I've been figure skating for quite a long time now. I've decided this will be my last year and I would like to take up ballet.


We've always had dance classes, but very simplified and not very demanding.


Any experience or thoughts about starting at this age?

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Hello Skye, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :wub: One can start ballet at any age! The question is, what are your goals? Are you asking about starting at 19 and becoming a professional classical dancer, or starting at 19 and studying ballet because you enjoy it?

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Simply because I enjoy it :(


If it takes me to a higher level, we'll see, but that's not very likely to happen, is it :thumbsup:


I've started looking for dance studios and found a few. I've visited one so far and they have a pretty strong program- 90 minutes three times per week for a reasonable price.

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Guest sodancaMiss

It can be done. I have seen alot of people get pretty good. Most of the time though the good ones have had ballet training in the past or are just skillful at it. But it can be done.

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You can start ballet at any age and get quite good at it if you have enough and a good training and do not aim for a pro career. I started ballet when I was 14 and at this age I already was too old to go pro (even though I realized that fact too late- at the age of almost 19 and it was quite a shock for me then).


Go for it! It pays!

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Guest Meliss

hey! i know how your feeling, but you are even further along cause you have been skating! i didn't start Ballet till i was 19, and that was 3 years ago and i progressed to pointe and for a while i was in a small local company. My teachers told me i could go further but i chose not to, but i had a friend who started at 17 and went pro... so it can be done... not easily, but it can :devil: But yes start now and just enjoyr yourself it is such a wonderful art! And it will captivate you and never let you go :) Enjoy!!!

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Try looking for a specialized adult ballet class- nothing too serious or anything. That way, after taking these non strict classes for awhile, you can see if you would like to try taking more serious, younger classes(if you don't mind doing plies with someone just a tad bit shorter than you!!).. or you may just find you like the simple adult class


Good luck in your decision :yes:

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Once you want to step up to a serious adult class, there may be a "hard" adult class in your chosen school's set of classes. I once tried an intermediate open adult class. They weren't kidding when they said intermediate. Some of these women were almost twice my age and still had beautiful turn out and extension (some better than mine!). :pinch:

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