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I was jsut wondering if there are any scholarships for people who are planning to dance in college or study it as a major. I graduate in May, and I have been trying to find scholarships for dance, mainly Ballet. I am hoping to go to the community college first (It's Santa Fe community college in gainesville,Florida)because they have a wonderful dance program there. Most for their Professers are retired dancers. The dance school id really sucessful and they have had several dancers picked up ny major dance companys. After I graduate from there I want to transfer to the University ( the University of Florida) because they have a great perfroming arts school there as well. If there is any, ANY way you can help me with any type of scholarships that I can apply for , I would greatly appriciate it!

Thank you so much for all of your help!

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I think that you have to contact the school that you will be applying to, and find out from them if any scholarships exist and how to go about applying for them.

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I think BYU and UofU both offer dance scholarships. Between the two, UofU certainly has the stronger program. UofU was the first University to have a dance program. Something to consider too, being in “happy valley” might de-rail and ballet career and you’d earn a MRS while trying for the BFA.


You may want to research the Willam and Lew Christensen. They were American ballet pioneers and descendants of LDS pioneers. Although from what I’ve read about Willam he wasn’t an “active member.”

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there is this scholarship search at fastweb.com that is really great. It will pull up tons and tons of scholarships that meet your criteria, and i am sure some will be for dance. There will be other ones you can probably apply for as well. The one dance one I know of is the Harlequin (sp?) Floor Scholarship, but I think the deadline was today. There have got to be others though. THey found over 100 scholarships that I could apply to. Its a really helpful service.

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Guest Bethie0420

I haven't really looked into UF's dance program, nor did I realize they had one. I know FSU has an excellent dance program and offers a lot of variety. USF is good if you would like to focus on modern and ballet and I know for a fact the ballet instructers here are top notch.

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I was one of the founding members of DTSF (Dance Theater of Santa Fe) You're right all of the teachers there are retired dancers and Alberto Alonso is there as well with his wife Sonya. It's a great program in a very nurturing environment. Alora Haynes received her MFA from FSU and is equally versed in modern and ballet. She is an amazing teacher that manages to pull the best from her students while kicking your butt on a technical level. No cheating allowed!


They have several scholarships even to that program. Check out their web site. They audition around Feb I believe for the August scholarship. The program has grown so much in the last few years. If you are in Gainesville they also have performances this weekend that you may want to check out. I don't know that UF has any specific Dance Scholarships but I know that USF does.


UF's performing arts program overall is good but for ballet USF is a better program. It looks like you are trying to stay in state for tutition reasons? UF over the years has been much more focused on modern but I think its for the same reasons that most colleges focus on modern, its hard to get top level ballet dancers with the exception of a few very good ballet colleges.

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