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DVD/Videos: Anna Ballerina

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Anna Ballerina is finally on DVD. It has been broadcasted 1987/88 in Germany and Austria as a 6-part series. Later on there was a cinema movie. It is the story about a young dancer and her life from the age of 13-20. Loads of dance scences. I loved this series so much - my reason to start ballet :flowers: So if you can understand a little bit of German have a look at amazon.de :thumbsup:

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Like you I absolutely love Anna. I saw the series when I was about 6 years old, and I just started ballet. I'm asking the dvd for Christmas :)

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Glad that somebody remembers :) Its also very cheap at Amazon, only €17,99 :thumbsup:

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:lol: ayayay! I did almost forget about the "Anna" movies!

I did never like the series for some reason. Maybe I did not like that actress or maybe I found it partly unrealistic and a little bit "girly" when I was a child.

But I believe they might be a nice and valuable door opener to the world of ballet for children and even teens.

And there is much less well made stuff on the movie market nowadays than "Anna".

Take for example those horrible "Barbie" "ballet" movies- purple unicorns who can talk, blonde princes, pink glittery tutus and Barbie hopping around on pointe as if it was that easy... :pinch::green:

For very little girls (2-5 years old) it might be a key to the ballet world or simply nice to watch but for anybody else that stuff is absolutely giving the wrong impression.

Therefore I have to admit the Anna movies are not the worst stuff on the market- it is just that I did never like them... :blushing::):)

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I really do LOVE Anna and a couple of my friends too. We are all around late 20s, early 30s, so we have been around 15 when it was first broadcasted. I dont think that Anna is less realistic than other dance films such as Center Stage, or even The Company.


I have to admit that I DO like the Barbie ballet movies. It is worth mentioning that, since her creation in 1959, Barbie had about 75 different careers - severals in dance, but her movie ballet debut she made at the age of 40. Quite late for a career; therefore we should not judge too much her sickling feet and her poor turnout :) Nevertheless, Barbie is still a leitmotif for young girls and has similarly shaped the ways of perceiving the representation of the body, which has become central to the study of dance, and of course - fashion. There have been several academic studies of Barbie, which shows that Barbie is not only for small kids :thumbsup:

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Finally "Anna" arrived after the I sent 2 reminders to Amazon. Just about to finish episode six :thumbsup: I still love it. I can hardly believe that Silvia Seidel (Anna) is now already 35 years old :)

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Yes I ordered it with Amazon.de. I thought it might be a lot more expensive due to international shipping costs but it wasnt at all. Do you also want to order it? Where do you live?

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Its 17,99 Euro... so I suppose about 12 GBP (I am very bad in converting). Its not too difficult to understand as the story is rather simple. If you have done GCSE German or above you should be able to understand.

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