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Dancewear shops in the Dallas, Texas area?


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A friend of mine (also an adult ballet student) will be visiting the Dallas, Texas area in a few weeks and was asking me if I knew of any dancewear shops in this area. I told her I would ask around and post the question here to find out! So, if anyone does know a dancewear shop worth visiting, please let me know! Thank you. :flowers:

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I know this is a very old post that I am reviving, but it is almost exactly the question I have and it wasn't answered before.

I will be in Dallas, TX USA for three weeks for work and thought I would sneak some ballet wear shopping in. Does anyone know of any good shops? I live in a small town so I thought I should take advantage of being in a "big city" to actually try some stuff on (instead of catalog shopping). :angry:

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Sandy's in Plano or Garland is wonderful! They are very intelligent about dancewear, especially shoes. They also seem to get new inventory throughout the year unlike some other stores. Artful Dancewear also is good for leos. THey tend to carry some that Sandy's doesn't have. Jay's is OK - very nice, but they don't have a lot in stock now.

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Thanks for the replies. The pointe fitter tip is great. I was thinking about getting my first pointe shoes while there, since some of my fellow students have had mixed results with our local shop. Thanks again!!

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If you are looking for a dance store in Fort Worth (just west of Dallas), I would recommend The Dance Shop.

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If you want pointe shoes, then Sandy's is the place. They are so knowledgeable!


I also forgot that Capezio on Lover's has a very large selection of leos as does Dance Store and More in Plano (2 locations).

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My D is a student in Dallas who has a very tough foot to fit. She ended up going to Sandy's (not sure which store--whiever one is larger?).


She was impressed with the inventory they carried as well as the fitting. A couple of other locations mentioned, she's been to but they didn't have the breadth of pointe shoe brands/sizes to choose from.

This isn't a big deal for those with very "normal" feet. If you're outside that norm, however, a wide ranging inventory is VERY helpful.


She had a good experience there.

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I was so happy to find this thread today. I live near Dallas and am looking for a new dancewear store because Dance Store and More (both locations) has closed - permanently from what I understand. :angry:



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