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do I dare ask my teacher for help?


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Hi all, I was wondering If anyone had any advice about something thats been bothering me. as some of you know I'm an 18 year old who got stuck in the adult track a few years ago when I started and never had a chance to fix it while I still could. Now i'm stuck. I truely care about ballet but I don't think my teacher understands how much I care. adult class is not the " fast track" but what I don't think he understands is that I took dancing seriously in HS and now that i'm done and figuring out where I want to go to college I want to explain to him that crazy as it is what i'd really like to do is dance ( meaning in college) I know to him this is inconcieveable.not to mention I dont have the technique. I'm not in the intense division so I feel like I dont have the right to want to do this or even propose the idea to him. how can I talk to him about this? this is what I really want to do but for some reason I dont feel like I have the right to ask him. i'm scared. I thought mabye someone would have some advice for me. esp since some of you know both me and the teacher in question. thanks. :)

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You always have the right, and indeed the duty to inform to inform your teacher of your intentions with regard to your dance training. Print up this thread, if words stick in your throat, then show it to him after class, when he will be able to have some time to address both you and your concerns.

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Guest Hilarie

Remember: you're the one who's paying him. In class he may be the boss, but you have a say in your training too. I know it can be scary to talk to someone like that, but just realize that you have nothing to lose - if he says no, you'll still have the classes you have now, and maybe you can try to find training better suited to you somewhere else. Good luck :)

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I’m confused. I agree totally with Mel and Hilarie, but what exactly do you want your teacher to do?


I would think that if you wanted to be a dance major in college, you would be more concerned about the college side (like where you might be going) than where you are dancing right now.

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BBG, why don't you try surveying the schools in the Boston area that offer dance as a major? BU, for instance. Or even Harvard. Even if you don't intend to go to those schools, I'm sure the instructors would be happy to give their opinions. They probably get a lot of late starters and they may be able to advise you where to go or who else would be good to talk to.

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Most teachers would be delighted that you want to improve and do more classes! I would definitely speak to the teacher, and explain what your goals (both short term and long term) are, and then ask if you can pick up some other classes to help you reach those goals.


It may be that you have to work on certain technique issues before you can start in the 'fast track' classes- ask your teacher what you need to work on and how you can improve in those areas.


Most teachers are very supportive of students who want to improve and are willing to work hard to do it.

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BBG, dont be too shy to talk to your teacher. I am sure that s/he is willing to help when she realises that you are serious about ballet. :P

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What I would do if I were you is first research where you want to go to college and ask the admissions office for the school's requirements regarding experience, auditions, etc. After you know what program you want you could approach your dance instructor and ask him to give you some pointers to improve your chances for acceptance. The dance world is open to dancers of all ages and abilities. Your teacher is there to help you, all you need to do is ask!


Good Luck,


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BBG, knowing you and your teacher briefly at Richmond, I think the advice given here already is very good. I think if you show Chris that you want to work hard, he'll take your ambitions seriously. Good luck, and please let us know how things progress.



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Thank you for all your advice. I did talk to him about applying to a program and he is incredibly helpful and supportive. I am really fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher. : D

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BBG, that's really good news. Glad to hear it worked out fine in the end.


AB2, glad to be of service, especially after you were subjected to my partnering. :innocent:



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