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I'm considering getting a tatoo -- a woven ban -- on my right arm. I'm 35, just started beginning ballet, and may want to do something with dance if I get to that point.


My question is, would you all advise against this? I have no illusions about dancing the lead, bare chested, tatoo blazing for all to see. I have to imagine my abiltiy to get roles (when that days comes) would likely be limited to character or walk on parts. I'd rather not get someting (aforementioned tatoo) that could hinder my ability to do something with my new-found passion.


Am I worrying about nothing? Would it simply become a matter of some body paint to disquise it?


I posted here because this seemed like an aesthetic issue.

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I think this is more a dancer/technique/class issue. I'm switching you to the Adult Ballet Student's forum smile.gif

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It can be camouflaged with greasepaint; I once had to fix up a girl who had somehow collected a black eye on her way to a show. The other issues about invasive procedures to the body have to be addressed, however, as well, and the most scrupulous, practically surgical sterility of the instruments and other associated equipments assured, given the bloodborne things that are floating around these days.

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Guest Sammie

I had to pass this on... My son's friend got a tattoo a year ago, and now wants it removed, so I emailed a friend who is a Plastic Surgeon and asked what the procedure was. Here is his response...


The answer to the tattoo problem depends on the colors in the tattoo as this dictates what color of laser light would be the best for removal. Most tattoos do not get complete removal and there usually is some scarring of the overlying skin. If the tattoo is small and in an amenable place you can excise it and trade the tattoo for a linear scar. I recently saw a college girl with a 2 inch block letter tattoo on her rear that was MGD (for her favorite beer,

miller genuine draft) I suggested that she might consider changing her name so the letters might be initials because the removal options were bad and worse. The laser treatments usually require 6-10 separate treatments and range in cost to $200-400 each and do not usually give 100% erasure.


So, if you want one, make REALLY sure you do.


I always teased my son that if he wanted one, I would pull out a picture that was 18-24 months old and see if he still liked his hair or clothes. In my experience, the answer would be no.


[This message has been edited by Sammie (edited March 20, 2001).]

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Guest DancingDoc

Hi Sammie!


I do lots of work with insurance companies to determine if they should pay for procedures; "cosmetic surgery" are a favouite topic.


Removing a tatoo is very expensive. The minimum bill I've seen was about $4,500.00 for 12 sessions (the doc raised the price half way through)! I've seen bills as high as $12,600.00!


BUT, the more important fact about these laser treatments is the PAIN. The sessions are very painful. As you Plastic Surgeon friend says, the laser light has to be adjusted to the color of the tatoo, and multi-colored tatoos can take more than 20 sessions. The skin naturally inflames and can scar with continuing treatments.


BUT THE PAIN! I had one poor girl who I had to tell her health policy specifically excluded tatoo removal and there was no way the insurer would, or could (contract law), possibly pay, and she broke into tears. I tried to console her with the fact that health insurance often doesn't pay....and she said "No! I'm not crying because they won't pay, I figued that. I'm crying because I have to pay for being tortured for the last 2 months! And it's still not gone."


If you want a tatoo, be sure!



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Guest tinydancer

2 Left, I've had tattoos for about 10 yrs. and I've never regretted them. Mel is right though, make sure it's a really reputable shop, I'm sure in LA you won't have any trouble finding a good one. And definitely make sure you are sure about wanting it. I thought it over for 3 yrs. before I got my first one. I always advise people, stand naked in front of a full length mirror and try to imagine it where you want it and remember, once you have it your body will not be as it was.


As an aside, there was a time when Ozzy Osbourne's wife, Sharon, wanted him to have is tattoos removed. She took him to a plastic surgeon and when he described the procedure, she grabbed Ozzy and ran. He now has one with her name and they are still happily married.


Anyway, good luck and HTH.



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Thanks, Doc and Tiny. Yes, I really want the tatoo. No, I do not want to put up with 50 more years of my significant other constantly saying, "I told you not to get that thing."


End result: No tatoo for now. Proof the words "Yes, dear" do indeed keep many a relationship in harmony.

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