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open classes in Chicago


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Many thanks for the advice on classes on Baltimore -- now it's Chicago. Unfortunately I'm fairly limited -- must be mid-day to early afternoon and in the city rather than the suburbs. I know it's a longshot! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I'd be really grateful.


Looked in the back of Dance Magazine and haven't found anything with a website that seems promising, but I'm going to keep checking.



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Ruth Page has an advanced modern from 9:30 -11 (three days a week) and advanced prof. ballet from 11-12:30 mon-friday. Adult jazz and ballet classes (with 3 levels) are offered from 4:30 on and also Saturday. Location is on the near north side and there is free parking which is a huge bonus. www.ruthpage.org

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thanks all. Unfortunately, I have no feedback to report because I arrived at my hotel -- conveniently located 2 blocks away from the Ruth Page Foundation 30minutes after the last class started.


It was pretty funny though -- here I am trying to check in while calling on my cell phone (courtesy of the concierge who gave me the number) to see about class. It's a great conversation starter -- I heard about the desk assistant (off that day) who was a dancer and about the Bolshoi (visiting Chicago) from the dooman and the woman behind the desk who had gone. I then had to pull pointe shoes out of my bag to show them what they looked like up close and personal.

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Knock, knock - I'm no longer an adult student, but I didn't know where else to post this. I'm bringing up this old thread because my daughter may be moving to Chicago very soon to take open classes, most likely at Lou Conte's studio - or possibly others where "older" dancers can take class. I know that there are women's residences in NYC where many dancers room; are there any comparable places in Chicago that would be near studios? Any help here would be greatly appreciated...

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I believe that Mayor Daley has an inovative housing program designed for college students to support the downtown colleges and universities in Chicago. Attendance was dropping, so the city built a shared use dorm building which increased applications to Chicago downtown universities. The concept was actually adopted by other cities (I forget which ones.) If you contact De Paul, Loyola, Roosevelt, etc. I believe you may be able to use housing, providing the allotment isn't full.


Perhaps current Chicagoans might have more info on this?


Good luck!

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Another option for open classes for adults and older teens is Natalie Rast--www.rastballet.com. My daughter took some classes there while her studio was in recess, and Natalie has a number of adult students, this is her focus, and she welcomes drop ins.

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