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That "simple" step you just can't master

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I took an intermediate class this morning in addition to my usual beginning II class for the week. It was a really good class but I keep running into one little step that just will not click. Contre Temps, today she called it demi contre temps, but either way that's the one step that my body will not do!!


What's your simple step?

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Chasse, step, step, grande jette, chasse, step, step, grande jette




As long as I've been taking classes, this is the one that will trip me up every time.

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I feel like an idiot for admitting this but I cannot do a balance to save my life. I can waltz, so I can count on 3s but for some reason they just don't look right. And now when i try doing it turning... goodness.


And I always manage to step on my foot when we do pas de chats.

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2 Left Feet-

I had _a lot_ of trouble with similar things for a while, and then I figured out that what I consider 2 steps (or 1 step) was not exactly what the teacher counted as one or 2.


One thing that helped a lot was to figure out which foot went where, and then to work on getting the rhythm on my own -- outdoors, on sidewalks, in my large empty basement--wherever. Obviously you don't want to do the steps full out in these settings, but you can work on the rhythm.

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Pirouettes. Not sure if it's the thalassaemia or anaemia playing up, it probably is. I can't stand up fast or do any sudden movements with my head so spotting doesn't help at all and I get totally dizzy. It also makes me less confident, all of which ruins my balance and pirouettes go out the window.

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Sissone, tombé, pas de bourrée, glissade, grand pas de chat. I don't know what it is with this, but I just cannot make it right. It's not like it's the most difficult of the things we do currently in class, either - I can do stuff that's quite at the same level. And it's not the grand pas de chat that's the problem, either - while it's not very pretty either, it's the pas de bourrée where I screw it. It's so bad now I've developed a terror of this combination, and as you can guess that does not help any...

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I HATE doing jete en arriere. Shouldnt be too difficult actually but my feet always want to do it en avant :nopity:

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I FINALLY got waltz turns down in the last few weeks, but only if I don't think about it to hard, and preferably only one of them.


Also, petite jetes in a series, like jete, jete, jete temps leve. I lose all port de bras and start to look like Popeye.


Glad I'm not the only one.

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I have what I've come to think of as ballet dyslexia -- there are two steps in particular that I can do from the right, but not to the left: grand jete entrelace, and grand pas de chat vole. :nopity:


So yesterday we had a gorgeous (and very long!) grand allegro that of course involved both: saute arabesque, saute passe, tombe, pas de bouree, pique arabesque, grand jete entrelace, chasse, assemble en tournant, chasse, pas de bouree, glissade, grand pas de chat vole!


(p.s. dido: love your signature, he's one of my faves.... )

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I HATE doing jete en arriere. Shouldnt be too difficult actually but my feet always want to do it en avant.

That's me, too! The very worst for me are the combinations that mix the two.

I can do en avant repeatedly, and sometimes convince my feet to do en arriere,

but put them together and I'm just a confused lump of protoplasm...

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I can do en avant repeatedly, and sometimes convince my feet to do en arriere,

but put them together and I'm just a confused lump of protoplasm...

:speechless: Thats the combination I am talking about... its in the RAD Intermediate Syllabus... a combination of en avant and en arriere. Terrible. How invented this?!! :nopity:

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do you mean the jete ordinaire devant and derriere exercise?? that one is killing!!!

(jete ordinaire, temps leve, jete ordinaire, temps leve, 3 jetes, the 3rd one followed by a temps leve and etc)


anyhow, you can count on it to get it at your exam....but it's a killing exercise, i always dreaded that one, but yes, i got it at the exam :nopity:!!


but simple steps i just can't master....uhm, decent double pirouettes (if that's counted as simple), flic flac at the barre (i don't know if that one is considered simple, but sometimes i have it and sometimes i just break my legs doing it)....but this was all a year ago. maybe it will be better now when i start again (tuesday!!! i can't wait ;))



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I'm with you, Maiko. Pirouettes are my nemesis. What makes this even worse is that I so badly want to master them. Here is an amusing little story to illustrate both my efforts and their fruitlessness...


This morning I was chasing our very bad kitten around the house. I thought I had her headed for the kitchen, but when I got very close to the wall and peeked around the corner, there she was getting away from me again. In my frustration I turned abruptly down the other hall and broke out into a full run, only to smash my left eye and cheekbone on the thermostat. I crashed to the floor with a resounding thud, and all of the innerds from the device came raining down on top of me. I was in so much pain, I couldn't move and burst into tears as I lay sprawled out face down on the floor.


From outside my husband heard the crash and came running in to discover pathetic little me completely incapacitated. He helped me to a sitting position, looked at the injury, got tissues for the blood and tears and ice for my swelling. He then asked me with great compassion and innocence, "What happened, Honey? Were you trying to do pirouettes in the hallway again?" This of course, made me cry even harder.

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Aargh. After returning from pointe class I would like to add ballones. I mean, come on! What the heck :thumbsup: is so hard about that? You stick one leg out then you bring it in. Where's the hard part? And yet...


(thanks scoop! I go 'round and 'round trying to decide whether Joe, Jimmy Dale or Butch is REALLY the coolest man alive)

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I'm with you, Maiko. Pirouettes are my nemesis.

See I'm just the opposite. Sometimes I think my teacher throws in pirouettes (or chaines) at the end of particularly trying classes (when she hadn't intended on doing those turns that day) just so I leave smiling.


We have a small class, and sometimes when one of us has a tough time she'll do something like that. If we leave happy, were more likely to practice the tough step at home. At least I am.

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