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Keeping the leg up on fondu/developpe etc

Guest TashaKat

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Guest TashaKat

I'm very flexible and can GET my legs up high without distorting my hips etc but CANNOT keep them up there once they're there! I know that it is more difficult and require more strength to keep the leg up but can anyone recommend any good exercises to help me with this. I can keep my leg at about 90 degrees to the front and side at the moment and just over 90 degrees at the back. I have to increase this (actually for skating not dancing, although it would be nice for dancing too) and no matter what I do I don't seem to be able to improve it. HELP!





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Guest beckster

I was told (by someone on this board) that the best way to improve leg strength was to place your foot upon the barre so that your leg is stretched out to either the front or side, then lift it several inches, hold and lower. Repeat ad infinitum. I can't lift my foot off the barre because I don't have the strength AND I don't have the flexibility to get it up there without lifting my hip, so I use the sofa arm. I would think any surface of the right height for you would be okay.



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