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I am going to start.

Guest x qban dancer x

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Guest x qban dancer x


Well im 15 and a male dancer, and I want to take dancing as a profession. i take Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and a technique class :) . But i don't take ballet. I want to start but all the guys and girls my age are like way more advanced then i am and i dnt want to feel like a giant when i take like a beginners ballet class. i need to start from the bottom becuz i have never taken ballet but i wont feel comfortable with liek little munchskins all around me doing ballet. Do you know what i mean? i dont know what to do!? please help! :)


X qBaN dAnCeR x

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Welcome to BalletTalk for Dancers x qban dancer x. I am sure you will find very useful information from the various forums as well as a nice group of dancers who have been through similar experiences such as yours.


I am not too familiar with "technique" class outside of a ballet class. Often a technique class is a ballet class in which separates it from pointe work, variations, men's work etc. Different schools handle the beginning boys differently from one another. Also perhaps there could be a beginning Adult class that you might start in so you would not feel so out of place. Ballet is a very rewarding pursuit. I am sure if you would discuss it with your teacher there may be a solution that could be found. Enjoy! :)


BTW...please no computer lingo here. We do have ballet students from across the globe reading our site. With English as a second language it could be difficult to understand some of today's computer talk. Thank you for understanding. :)

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Hi, qban dancer, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers here at Ballet Alert! Online! :)


You're fortunate in being in Miami, which has a long tradition of superior dancing and a good number of schools offering professional training for all ages. You should shop around to find a school in which you will feel comfortable. There are teen "converts" to ballet in many metro areas, and you shouldn't have too long a search to find a place offering high-level training and you won't be Gulliver among the Lilliputians.

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