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Hardest Part of dance class


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hey....i know i have already posted a topic similar to this...but i have become stronger since my last post..so i wanted to do this survey again. What is the hardest pard of class for ya'll? for me..it is tendues and adagio. my teacher says that i focus to much on my legs, and not enough on my upper body during tendues, so i need to work on that. that is hard for me because i always forget to keep my knees streight. i have gotten better at it, but still talkes alot of my concentration. i love adagion because it gives me a chance to express myself during class, but i hate adagio because it requires alot of streingth and endurance. i need to get stronger in my legs, and hopefully both of those problems will be solved. :shrug:

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Sorry, Emily, but this message is cross-posted in two forums. We don't let that happen because it will only create confusion in retrieving answers. Anyway, dancers for dancers isn't a chat forum, as if it were dancers TO dancers; it's to discuss particular dancers as dancers among dancers. Like "Hey, what do you make of Suzy Creamcheese, the new girl in the corps at San Francisco?"

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