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What is the hardest part of dance class?


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hey....i know i have already posted a topic similar to this...but i have become stronger since my last post..so i wanted to do this survey again. What is the hardest pard of class for ya'll? for me..it is tendues and adagio. my teacher says that i focus to much on my legs, and not enough on my upper body during tendues, so i need to work on that. that is hard for me because i always forget to keep my knees streight. i have gotten better at it, but still talkes alot of my concentration. i love adagion because it gives me a chance to express myself during class, but i hate adagio because it requires alot of streingth and endurance. i need to get stronger in my legs, and hopefully both of those problems will be solved.

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The hardest things for me are frappes to the back (supporting leg tends to wobble) and only occasionally adagio (I have very high extensions, but sometimes I have to lower it to keep my balance).

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My hardest part of class is frappes also! For some reason it always looks really bad and I feel very sloppy even though I am trying very hard!!!!

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Do any of you have a hard time doing frappes to the back, like I do? Like I said, my supporting leg tends to wobble everytime I do it, and I don't feel I strike hard enough to the back. (Ms Leigh or Major Mel, can any of you help with this problem?)

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Guest imadancer

the hardest thing for me is either adagio or petit allegro :wink:

i also have a problem with tour-jetes i do a sort of rdj in the air

oh wait and turning!!! especially shanae(sp?) turnes and pirouettes!!

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Guest Mollieochie

TORJETES!!!! (sp??) and degages. I can not seem to "whip" myself around during torjetes, and end up doing a funny looking rand de jamb (sp?) thing in mid air. My teacher says i need to have a higher grand battment front, and spot better. I'm working on it...


Degages are hard for me because I have hyperextended knees and cannot seem to close my feet in fifth very well :wink:


Love from,


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Actually, Mollie, I have those same problems, too. With the tour jetes, I have ALWAYS had a very bad habit of doing an RDJ in mid air rather than two quick battements and I have been caught spotting too late. I also have hyperextended knees and have to have a VERY slight space between my feet when standing in 5th. For some odd reason though, when I'm either on pointe or standing flat in pointe shoes, I seem to have a much tighter 5th. Why that is, I do not know...

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Petit allegro here.


I Just can't seem to get everything fast and clean enough. It is very fun though, just not one of them things I get a solo for in a performance. B)

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For me it's pirouettes, well actually any turn! B) haha, I just wasn't born a turner, but I'm working on it!

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Ya...fast degages are also hard for me because i try to streighten my knee and pointe my foot all the way and then i get behind in the music....it frustrates me ...lol

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