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I need help with balancing. When I am on full pointe, I can't get the toe of my shoe directly on the floor, with causes me to fall when I am walking and trying to balance. I am pointing my feet correctly inside the shoe. It almost like my feet are bending where my bunion is, andd it's throwing my balance off completely. Am I doing something wrong? I wear bloch aspriations, could it be something with the shoe? What can I do to improve this and make my feet stronger??

Thanks for your help!

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ids, I moved this to YD because it's a technique question more than a pointe shoe topic.


It sounds to me like you are pushing down into the shoes and crunching your toes. It could be the shoes, but we can't know that without seeing you. This is really a problem for your teacher, as she is the only one who can see what you are doing.

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