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Hello all!

I missed all classes this past week! My hubby is a partner/programmer in an internet company and is pretty much "on-call" all the time. They had some problems arise so he wasn't available long enough to watch the kiddos. (there's no other available sitter) He feels terrible about it, but work is work and his allows me to stay home with the babies. Usually he's able to work just during the day, but they can't predict problem times. I began to worry a little about trying to schedule classes-not knowing when he'll be called away.


Good News! I took my 4 yr old daughter to her ballet/tap class on Friday & the director asked if I was interested in an adult class. Yeah! She said it would probably be a little less advanced, but it would give me a chance to get in shape and work on my technique. Also, she'll provide a sitter! Her daughter will be on hand to play with the kids! Wow! I was thrilled. It will be good for me to really work on the finer points and be in a community of adult women. I need a little break from kids sometimes.


I think part of my hesitation with the teen class was that I only get about two hours a week to myself & I didn't really want to spend it with kids.


So, I'll try the new class on Tues! Hope it works out.


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