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Does anyone know where I might be able to take classes in Dayton OH? I'm looking for studios that have adult classes or studios that allow adults to take classes with kids. I took open classes at Dayton Ballet this summer and after the experience I have had this fall in Houston I think I am looking for something different from their "open" class format. (Unless it is different in the normal term.) The people attending classes were just so variable that I didn't feel as if we ever went anywhere.


I am looking at Pontecorvo Studios. Any thoughts about them? (Their Webpage)I am not currently in Dayton, so I can't check it out yet, but want to get a head start looking. I want to take about 3 classes a week (so I can, hopefully, continue pointe work).


Do you recommend anything else around the city? (Just Dayton area, not willing to drive to Columbus or Cinncinatti for recreation...)




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Well guess that means no one knows about any classes in Dayton.


I'm quite sad to leave my classes here in Houston and would have felt more confident if I had recieved some recommendations. When I move in January i will report back with what I found out.

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Sorry you didn't hear anything earlier. Am I correct in assuming that you are looking for adult classes? What about Dayton Ballet -- website says they offer classes for kids through adult. Dayton Ballet School The Otto M. Budig Academy of Cincinnati Ballet offers classes for kids through adult as well, here's a link: Budig Academy of Cincinnati Ballet. If you're still researching, try a search on "Ballet Schools in Dayton, Oh" -- you'll get lots of links.


As for feedback, I'm a mom of a younger dancer. I see the adults come in for their evening classes, and they seem happy to be there. Sorry I can't tell you anything from a dancer's point of view. :thumbsup: (If this is inappropriate for me to be on this board, Moderators please delete.)


Good luck in your move!!



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I took classes at Dayton Ballet (see original post) this summer. It might have just been the nature of the summer beginning program but while I was happy there, now that I have recieved a different sort of training I am not sure that is the program I want to go back to. The classes I am in now treat the adults as if they were very serious about their training, and not just there for exercise. At DB I felt as though I was there to exercise and maybe learn a little ballet. We had women in our class who danced in socks, rather than slippers. (This might have been allowed because it was summer, I do not know what their year program is like.)


The teacher was wonderful and at the time I was thrilled, but now I'm not sure if the program I experienced at DB is what I want. (Can you tell I'm trying to be very diplomatic because I think their program is good, just not for me?)


The teacher and studio were wonderful but the "open" nature of the class seemed to keep progress to a minimum. The same people never came two classes in a row.


If I don't find anything else though, I definetly will go back there, some classes are better than no classes, and perhaps I will find the yearly program to be different.


Thank you for the link to the Cincinnati Program I looked at it, but with Dayton Ballet at least an option I don't think I want to drive so far.



Thanks for chiming in, it's nice to know there is someone on this board in Ohio.

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I'm taking the liberty of posting here only to say that I know of Barbara Pontecorvo as a dancer, and she was wonderful, a very good dancer as well as a good technician, so that if she's anything like that as a teacher, it should be very interesting to do class with her!

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Thank you missvjc420 that was the same google search I did. It gave me some where to start but names of companies really doesn't tell me much about the quality of instruction.


And thank you pmeja for the dancer reference of Ms. Pontecorvo. I think I will start there and if it isn't to my liking I can always go back to Dayton Ballet.


I appreciate everyones help.

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