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Guest Doomsdoll

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Guest Doomsdoll

I'm not dancing yet but hoping to start soon. The studio I was taught at in elementary school has since shut down, and I'm not sure where to go to. I've done searches for schools in my area and this is the most promising place I've found:


The Clara R. Noyes Academy of Balllet Internationale


And here is where I begin my plea. Besides the most basic of terminology, I remember very little about ballet and I have never looked for a teacher before. I'd probably go to the Carmel location where they have most classes in the professional division. As a beginner, should I look for a place a little less professional? Would I be accepted and taken seriously at 15?(This is a big one because I keep reading stuff about girls starting at 10 and already feel behind.) And on a lesser note, does anyone know if I could start in the spring semester? They're a bit unclear on that.


Thanks in advance. :shrug:



(Moderator BW edited the hyperlink's title for clarification.)

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Hi Doomsdoll, I've looked at their website and found this

Teen/Adult Beginning is designed for those young adults who have surpassed the age of "beginning ballet" and for those adults who wish to begin, at any age, to enjoy the benefits of classical dance. Clear, concise instruction is provided in this less intense, yet challenging form of ballet which develops grace, body awareness, and a good workout.

* Teen/Adult Intermediate follows these same principles as the beginning class yet expands on class difficulty and ballet vocabulary, besides offering more classes.


I do not live in Indiana, but I do know we have some posters who do - so I hope they'll post.


Later, your bound to get some comments from teachers on the board, for sure. Meanwhile, if this school is within an easy commute for you, I'd suggest you call them up and arrange a visit. You can observe several classes and then they will want you to take a placement class. As for their taking you seriously, and you looking at this realistically, I can't imagine why they wouldn't - just from reading their website they seem very open.


It is always smart to get the best ballet training - even if you are not thinking of a career, but rather want to do it for the sheer joy and physical experience. That's my two cents as a mother of a formerly very serious ballet student.


By the way, I noticed they have quite a nice looking Summer Intensive too - which might be a good possibility, too. :shrug:

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Who knows, Doomsdoll, some of those years you had may come back to you and help you to progress much faster than a 15 year old with no previous training. That will mostly depend on how good the training was before, and also your own natural ability and facility for this art. In any case, BW is right on about getting the very best training from the beginning. That is crucial. Whether they take you seriously or not, you must take it seriously, and then, as you progress quicker than others, they will see that and take you seriously! :shrug:

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As a beginner, should I look for a place a little less professional?

without having a clue about this particular school, i'd have to answer a firm 'no' to this general question of yours!


and having had a quick browse at their website (a nice site, BTW), i can't help pointing out that they claim that their director is none other than vladilen semonov - yes, the REAL one, from the kirov...irina kolpakova's husband (though i notice that his bio does not mention this...hmmm...curious...)


if he really has transformed the tuition there, as the website proclaims, then no doubt it is a genuinely creditable program for ballet TRAINEES.


whether or not it is ideal for an adult or adult 'beginner' is of course an entirely different matter! :)

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Three of our students have gone to Ballet Internationale after graduation from our program as members of the corps de ballet or appentrices to the company. They speak highly of the training in the school and the company itself. I did see the company perform 10 years ago, Mr. Semyonov was still working in St. Petersburg a that time. It was quite good! I think he left St. Petersburg in 1996 or 1997 :thumbsup:


We have had some lovely students attend our SI from Clara R. Noyes Academy of BI. I would suggest, give it a try. You will never know unless you do.

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It is worthy of note that Irina Kolpakova is the Assistant Artistic Director of Ballet Internationale.

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Dear Doomsdoll,


If you are in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, Ballet Internationale is one of several choices. Ballet Internationale (BI) is one pre-pro school in the area. The other pre-pro school is Jordan College Academy of Dance at Butler University. JCAD is associated with Butler University's dance department. The faculty and facilities are separate from Butler, but there is interaction.


JCAD has classes for pre-schoolers up through adults in ballet, jazz, modern, and tap. They also offer flamenco classes and body conditioning classes. The teachers are first-rate, kind, and welcoming. The atmosphere is serious, but friendly and open. JCAD accommodates both recreational and pre-pro dancers.


The website is www.butler.edu/jcad. The school's calendar and schedule of classes can be found there, along with its philospohy and policies.


As a 15-yr old, you would probably have the option of taking a placement class to see what level you'd be most comfortable in the "pre-college" classes or you could opt into one of the adult classes. Often "older" teen "beginners" choose the adult classes so as not to be in class with much younger kids. Sometimes teens of your age choose the adult classes for scheduling purposes. At any rate, there are teens of your age in those beginning adult classes so you would not be out-of-place. Depending on how much you have retained from your earlier training, you may have several options in how best to get back up to speed.


I'd suggest calling the Academy and talking with the Office Manager. She's very friendly and helpful. Then come by the studio and observe classes and take a class. Oh, yes---you can begin class at any time. The Fall semester ends in early or mid-December and classes then resume January 8th (or there abouts).

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and having had a quick browse at their website (a nice site, BTW), i can't help pointing out that they claim that their director is none other than vladilen semonov - yes, the REAL one, from the kirov...irina kolpakova's husband (though i notice that his bio does not mention this...hmmm...curious...)

I find no reason for the implied intrigue here. Irina and Vladilen each have bios which stand quite well alone and irrespective of the husband/wife relationship between the two.


They are as best I am aware quite happily married.


Also, Vladilen IS the director of the school as stated on the web site. One would be extremely fortunate to study under him. He is a wonderful, gentle instructor.





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Guest Doomsdoll

To All- Thank you for all your advice!


BW- I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. I just called the Academy and left a rather awkward message on their machine (those things make me feel so put on the spot!) I’ll let you know when I hear back.


I’m not familiar with the ballet community. With that disclaimer: who’s Irina Kolpakova?


Dancemaven – I’m actually in the Carmel area. They opened up a new location near my house and that’s why I’ve ruled out a few other good options. Thanks for the information though. I will keep it in mind for the future.


CDM – It’s really good to hear that about the Director. I'll remember that.

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Irina Kolpakova was one of the leading ballerinas of the Kirov ballet, and the last student personally taught by Agrippina Vaganova. She was a ballet mistress at ABT, and is a principal teacher at the Universal Ballet Academy in Washington, DC.

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You can get a great introduction to Madam Kolpakova at http://www.balletinternationale.org/staff.htm


Not mentioned in her bio is the fact that she is married to Vladilen Semenov. He was a principle dancer at the Kirov Ballet for many years and often partnered Irina. After his performing career, he joined the faculty of the Vaganova Academy where he taught for quite a number of years. He came to the U.S. in the latter 90s. One could argue that there are better teachers (but at his level of artistic pedigree, who cares the difference?), but one would be hard pressed to argue that there are teachers more knowledgeable in the art of classical ballet.



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And judging from the number of responses that question provoked, I'd say it was a safe bet that she's fairly well-known. Even popular. She was the Raymonda in the first full-length production of the ballet of the same name I ever saw (November 1964). And she was partnered by Semenov.

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