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ddm3 - you are SO RIGHT... Bad habits are so difficult to break and the longer you spend with them - the longer it takes to get rid of them. Better to start off on the right foot (so to speak :P ) right away.

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Thanks pattypirouette. dcns - I agree don't push at age 10. The road ahead is a rough one. Your dd has to have it in her heart. Your job is to help her discover what her passion truly is. While it doesn't require pushing, a certain amount of guidance is necessary. My dd was also in musical theatre and sports before she decided she loved dancing. She actually didn't like ballet very much. The experiences she gained from musical theatre, piano, jazz, and sports to some degree, have actually contributed to her dancing. It's been said that she has a really lovely performance quality and I attribute this to her early exposure of being in front of an audience. One more thing I'd like to add is this. Good ballet training doesn't have to be taught by a teacher who walks around the room with a cane! I may be exaggerating a bit, but they are definitely out there. It's important that your dancer's teachers instill a love of dance.

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I have to say, we have been incredibly lucky and I would not change a single thing. Dd started in pre-ballet at age five, and by luck rather than intention, we then relocated to the city, where we had an exceptional studio only 10 minutes from our home.


Dd, now aged 12, is thriving and her passion for ballet has not wavered, in fact it seems to increase as she reaches each milestone. Her studio cares for the whole person and not only the dancer so the entire experience up until this point has been enriching and gives Dd enormous pleasure.


And I have to say that everything that I have read on this board about what makes a good school and good teachers perfectly matches the experience Dd has had at her studio. I have a great admiration for her AD and a sense of pride in 'our' studio.

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What I would have done differently? I would have made sure that my dd received ballet instruction that was developmentally appropriate and taught her technique that was anatomically correct to prevent injury. I also would have placed her in a studio with a ballet focus at an earlier age, which means, in our case, to have to drive an hour each way to and from the studio.


The focus and intensity of the studio should have been a better match. Although her exposure to different dance forms was broadening, it would have been better to focus earlier on ballet to enable her to develop a more solid technical foundation and progress in classes where others have the same level of interest and commitment to ballet.


What did I do right? Allowed dd to make her own decision about what level of commitment to make to ballet. Gave her the opportunity to go to the summer intensives she chose and her current residency with full support. Music lessons and lots of ballet videos!

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In revisiting this, I still maintain that the bad experiences have helped me recognize good when I see it.


I agree with sarsdad that you must do what is best for your child. Trust your gut.

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I should have trusted myself more and not let my dd's school push her sideways into tap and modern and I should have thought harder sooner about what was best for her, not how I could accomodate the school. We spent years commuting an hour each way four times a week and believed them when they made promises they never kept. She now only wants to do ballet for fun...it stopped being that a long time ago and it's too late for her to be as good as she needs to be to be a first rate dancer.

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