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Ballet Schools in Florida - Jacksonville


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Village Dance Center

Karen Norris, Director

2923 Manitou Avenue. Jacksonville, FL 32210

(904) 388-1223


Like fendrock, I know nothing about this school other than that it exists. And that Charleston Ballet Theatre teaches a summer workshop there.

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Dulce Anaya runs Jacksonville Ballet Theater. If you have questions about this, pm me. Since she still has quite a few ties to various places, she has been able to get some fabulous guest artists over the years.

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Does anyone know of a good ballet studio in Jacksonville, FL? My dd is 16 and we are looking to change to a more serious studio.


Some background- dd took ballet at a good solid studio ages 3-11, took off three years, and began again at age 14 at a different, more laid back studio (we had moved). She has recently decided she wants to pursue dance professionally. She has been told that she has a lot of natural ability. However, we both know she has a lot of catching up to do and needs a true pre-professional studio.


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, flymom6!


I would check out The Florida Ballet at Jacksonville. I do not have personal experience there, however in looking at their history and data, it looks like they have a pre-pro program, and they teach the ABT curriculum.

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Thank you for responding, Victoria! Yes, the Florida Ballet does look strong. Would these be considered "syllabus classes", since they teach the ABT curriculum and have ABT exams at the end of the year? I read in another post by an older dancer (15/16) trying to "catch up", your response that cautioned about being limited to syllabus classes. Is this because she would only be able to advance two levels in the next two years and possibly not be ready for post-high school dance? Thanks- some of this is all new to us. :)

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No, not a syllabus. The curriculum is basically guidelines for what needs to be taught when. And the teachers certified in teaching the curriculum have taken the ABT course and exams, and are certified in lower levels, middle levels, upper levels, or all of them. They need to take the lower level in order to take the middle, and both to take the upper. I don't think the exams are set classes that they work on all year, though. That is the problem I have with strict syllabus classes. The ABT program will work on all of the material recommended for each level in the school, but not with set classes and combinations. I'm not sure how each school handles advancement, but I think that the ABT schools will place students in the proper level for their ability and training when they enter, and they will advance appropriately. But it would be best to visit the school, watch classes, have her take a placement class, and then talk to the teacher and the AD. :)

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We may be moving to Jacksonville FL next year, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good ballet school near there.

Hello. Did you end up moving to Jacksonville? If so, did you end up attending The Florida Ballet in Jacsksonville?

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Balletart, the message from Salida is over 10 years old, so you might not get a reply from her.


I don't have any direct experience with The Florida Ballet school, but this past summer my son became very good friends with a young lady who has been dancing at the Florida Ballet school for many years. She was a lovely dancer when I saw her at the summer performance, and my son was very impressed with her strong ballet technique. Florida Ballet school must be doing something right to produce such a good ballerina.

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We have been at the Florida Ballet for the last few years, and my daughter is receiving excellent training there. The ABT "style" and syllabus is taught there, but only focused on for the last few months of the school year. Exams are in April if I remember correctly, and the school boasts a 100% pass rate. There are a wide range of ages and abilities in the program - they seem to have a place for everyone. Most of the serious students are in the Conservatory (full day) program. They are enrolled in the Florida Virtual School and take their courses online, having ballet technique classes in the mornings (two separate levels), some rehearsals, and evening classes with the rest of the ballet students. They have a good track record for graduates going on to college dance programs and are beginning to see some company placements.

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We vacation regularly near Jacksonville and both my DDs have taken classes at Florida Ballet when we were in town. I am impressed with the structure and quality of the Studio. Many of there dancers have gone to prestigious summer programs. My daughters both enjoyed dancing there.

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