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Mixing syllabi??!! good or bad?


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Currently I am taking ballet classes 5 days a week- monday 1 1/2 hrs pointe, tuesday 1 1/2 hours pointe, wednesday 1 hour technique, thursday 2 1/2 hours technique and Sunday 2 1/2 hours technique plus rehersals.


The thing is to be able to get that amount of ballet lessons a week I need to go to 3 different ballet studios with 2 different syllabi.

The university ballet (yes my university does have an own amateur ballet company :rolleyes: )I dance in does teach Vaganova. The other studios do R.A.D.


I have to mix them since here in Germany most studios (unless you attend one of the few pro schools but they do not offer classes for people my age) do not offer more than 2 or maybe 3 adult intermediate/adv classes a week. :D:pinch:


The problem is that every studio does have a different technique and curriculum.

Is learning two different syllabi the same time a bad thing?

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Not necessarily, shulie. I think you should be able to handle it, and even find a way to make the weaknesses of one better through the stengths of the other, and vice versa :pinch:

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So far I did not come across any problems. Some things I like better in Vaganova and some I like better in R.A.D.

It is a little bit of an odd feeling though because two of the the technique classes are Vaganova and the pointe classes all are R.A.D. :pinch:

At least the pointe classes are at the same school... :rolleyes:

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Sounds like you're mature enough to synthesize from the differences between the two. Have a good time with it!

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