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I'm checking out this program as a possibility for my DD next year. I have been to the website, and I will email them for some of the information that I couldn't find there (fees, for one thing :D ). I just wondered if anyone's child has attended for either the summer or year round, or if you have any other information about this program that would be helpful. Thanks!


**Edited to add: this thread has now been moved into the Year Round forum, thus we have split off posts that discuss the SI affiliated with this program.

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I've just bumped up a thread in the SI that mentions, among others, Rosella Hightower's program from the SI point of view. Perhaps if you take a look at it you might try contacting those who posted on this program in the past.


I believe there is someone around who did have a dancer attend this program for at least a portion of the "school year"... I hope you get some feedback, K8smom.

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Just a word about fees. If they aren't listed, there's a good reason to believe you may not be able to afford it! :innocent:

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K8smom, in case you're still researching, I don't know if you are aware that this school is listed on the Prix de Lausanne's website as one of their "partner schools" and their summer program is one that offers a scholarship to winners, as well: Prix links. B)

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Thanks, BW! Interestingly enough, I just saw that PdL list last night for the first time, and noticed that the Cannes school was on it.

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Has anyone had any update information about the pre-professional program (DNSP)? How is the training like? And where do the graduates go?

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Hi, I am considering to travel to Cannes to audition for the Pre-professional programme - DNSP. I know it has a good reputation for contemporary and ballet and my goal is getting into a neoclassical company. I have looked up at the website and saw it's a program leading to a bachelor degree which is a bonus since having a university degree is safer. However, I'd like to know if anyone has first hand information about the program or about the summer courses. Is every student given attention to and corrected? Are they only focused on dancers with the perfect ballet body or do they find special qualities in different dancers? Since I'm not the typical ballet body type, I wish to attend a school that could help me truly utilize what i have.


Also, I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone has information on the graduates of this program, where they are usually employed and if the school provides aid to their students on auditions and apprenticeships.


If there are any extra information on the schedule and curriculum (focus on ballet or contemporary?). That would be very helpful! Thanks very much!

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Curious if anyone has anything new to report. My DD is in a prerpro school and they do a Summer exchange. Rosella Hightower is one of the options . I know the kids who go are dazzled by their surroundings but I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the dance training!

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I just spent a week there so feel free to ask any specific questions! It’s definitely very beautiful there... I thought that the quality of the teaching was very high and they were very passionate/inspiring. The days are quite long/intense which personally  I loved... Somethings with the dorms/canteen  I found challenging but I was only there for a week so it was fine:) Anyway let me know if you want more specifics as I have this years schedule/teachers to give you an idea. 

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Hi Monbro13 - I didn't see this till now. Can you tell me about the dorm situation? Was it on site? What's the distance from the school to the city centre? I am pleased you were happy with the level of training, that's encouraging to hear. What would you say was the best and the worst aspects of the program?  Thanks in advance for sharing!


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Hi Monbro

I am the mom of the dancer who attended Rosella Hightower.  My daughter was 14 at the time attending School of American Ballet,  which was 14 yrs ago!  My how times fly.    

It was a great experience for all...me and my son included. We rented an apt so my daughter did not stay in any dorms. although I dont recall that they were that great but when you love to dance and are meeting people from other countries with the same passion what is not to like!  The school is about  a mile from the town center. Walking distance. Cannes is a great city. The training was very good with kids from different syllabi . Classes were very full , Id say packed...but with top notch teachers.  Its an experience. As with anything in life ...you take away what you put in.  I think it all depends upon your childs age and where they are at in their training and how far they want to go.In the scheme of things, there is always something to learn regardless where you are.  Hope that helps... As I said its been a really long time since  my daughter trained there

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