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Hi mcjagger! It’s certainly a stunning location.. yes the dorms are on site but separated from the studios by a wall/office building.! There are two dorms (a newer block and an older block) which mostly had two students to a room with shared bathrooms on each floor. These rooms were lovely. The oldee dorms were older but still fine and some rooms had their own bathrooms. Not that I spent much time there as I was in classes from 8:30am-7:30pm! If you have special dietary restrictions eg gluten free, vegan/vegetarian etc I would recommend bringing your own food to supplement the canteen. There is a supermarket a short walk away where I was able to easily purchase snacks and food to supplement the meals. I guess as bebe3 said it depends on the child’s age and what they want to get out of it. I learned a lot from the teachers although the language barrier was at times an issue due to not speaking French. You do have to be independent as the clases are biggish. Students came from all over the world and I thought that the standard was high especially amongst the year round students. There was a bigger focus on contemporary than I was expecting. I found that the teachers weren’t politically correct and gave  honest feedback and hands on corrections. I feel that the experience is very different if you are auditioning for year round versus just attending for the summer course! Hope that helps and happy to answer any other questions:)

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Thanks for your honest feedback, Monbro 13. It sounds pretty ideal to me. I know the area so am aware of its beauty. The whole ballet experience is what I don't have but you're helping me understand the fuller picture, which I truly appreciate.

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My daughter is also at sab and she is 11. I am considering applying for a week summer camp for her this summer. We would sleep at my parents... Would you recommend this intensive for a sab student? Do you think she would benefit from it? 
Thank you!!! 

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