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Guest dancerboy11

I am 13 and just got my first dance belt and i have a few questions. I got a Capezio model 5930. The ones with the quilted pouch and they fit right but something is wrong. My "package" was placed up but during my lesson there was slippage inside. What can i do to stop that? Also the thong strap was going up my butt. Any suggestions? I hope i didnt word this wrong. Thanks!!! :)

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Nope, don't worry about a thing, that's what this forum is for! Don't worry about slippage, whatever slips -- slips. And besides, if you're busy enough, YOU won't even notice, let alone anyone else. The girls won't tell you, but under those bras, things rearrange, too, but they're the only ones who know! :)


Unfortunately, there's not much to be done about the thong back. That's where it goes. At least your dance belt is properly sized, so you won't get blisters, or feel like you're being sawed in two! :innocent:


And a hearty welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers here at Ballet Alert! Online! Please consider this home, and make use of this forum and the Young Dancers 13-16 forum for all things relating to class and performance.

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Believe me, you do NOT want to use a belt that is to small! :):pinch: I did for four weeks, awaiting a new one by mail. I will not say anything else, after that espirience, the "normal" thong feels just great :angry:

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Guest DerfDude04

The thong back is something that you have to get used to. Perhaps wear it for a day to get used to the feeling? I used to only have to wear one for performances, but now I have to wear one everyday. The first year of everyday, was rough at first, but I wore it for a whole day once and well, I guess I just got used to it. I had no problems after that...

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